Hotep has delved into music to send a powerful message

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An innumerable combination of motivating factors can spark a go-getter’s efforts toward carving a position in their target sectors and building a platform that will allow them to reach people. Many are fueled by the vision of securing a financially stable future, while others find strength in the thought of making a difference in communities. Hotep, a well-respected early child fatherhood advocate, educational consultant, and musician, is establishing a name in several industries. His relentless drive is in line with his passion for helping students exceed developmental benchmarks and his overarching mission to enable success for children. 

A father of two, Hotep is intimately privy to the importance of exposing children to opportunities designed to help them grow and surrounding them with people that have their wellbeing in mind. So, throughout the years, he has dedicated time and resources to making sure that students are equipped with the fundamentals they need. 

As one of the few Black male elementary students in his district, the purpose-driven educator managed to quickly develop a reputation for churning out high reading and writing scores in schools that were widely considered low-performing traditionally. While he primarily taught fourth and fifth grade, his most notable experience in the field was the five years he spent teaching kindergarten students. 

During his time as a kindergarten teacher, Hotep maximized the opportunity to teach those under his wing the fundamental skills needed for lifelong literacy, a move that rests on the recognition that early learners can be compared to sponges that would absorb whatever was placed in front of them. To up the chances of his students when it comes to meeting and surpassing their grade level standards, he also created a unique system designed for learning and growth. 

The passion-fueled educator, who has received nominations for the Presidential Citizens Award and CNN Hero for his critical role in the lives of young learners and profound work, is the founder, as well, of the Building Strong Children initiative. Additionally, he is the author of fifteen books, including children’s books, coloring books, and an animated cartoon series. 

Proving his multifacetedness and demonstrating that pursuing one’s passion can be approached through different angles, Hotep has delved into music to send a powerful message to parents and teachers alike. With his song “Ode to Hip-hop,” and through his brand of artistry, he aims to teach not only his kids but other children, as well, the very same takeaways he gained from listening to songs when he was younger. 

“It’s a shame that music has changed so much. I grew up during a time when being conscious, politically active, and intelligent were the cool things to do,” said Hotep. “Hip-hop taught us so much during that time, and I’m glad that I’m now able to teach my children through the same music. That’s what ‘Ode to Hip-hop’ is all about.”

The official anthem for every parent who grew up in the 80s or is deeply fascinated with ‘80s hip-hop music, “Ode to Hip-hop” speaks of Hotep’s commitment to empowering children.