Ditto only offers its customers nothing less than quality workmanship

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The importance of the human touch could not be more evident than in transcription. It is simply impossible to replace a real person when it comes to capturing an important message, and that is why Ben Walker founded Ditto Transcripts based out of Denver, Colorado. The company was previously known as Transcription Outsourcing, LLC and has changed its name after rebranding earlier this year.

There are many things that can be done with the help of machines, but when it comes down to something as important and intimate as transcriptions, there’s just no substitute for live human beings. This is why Ditto only offers its customers nothing less than quality workmanship using real, highly trained humans!

“There’s simply no substitute for a real person when it comes to transcribing,” said Ben Walker, founder of Ditto Transcripts. “That’s why we use only human transcriptionists at our company.” 

“I started this venture in order to preserve the artistry and accuracy that are so essential during such delicate moments within communication,” he added.

With US-based human transcriptionists doing all their work, Ditto transcriptionists have a 99% accuracy rate.

Ditto’s human transcriptionists have superior sensibility and sensibilities compared to AI and dubious software. They also have an ear for accents, dialects, and the constant stream of ums and uhs that they unavoidably come across.

Additionally, unlike artificial intelligence programs, Ditto’s transcriptionists don’t need to undergo “training.” Instead, they arrive at the job prepared and with a wealth of experience that can be used for any form of audio or video recording.

Software, on the other hand, cannot claim this since it frequently has limitations due to its algorithms. Even the most advanced voice recognition software still struggles to understand technical terms, slang, business speak such as acronyms, and words not in its vocabulary. Because of this, voice recognition software has a limited recognition range and frequently makes mistakes.

Human transcriptionists at Ditto are able to perform tasks that speech recognition technologies cannot. They can, for instance, identify speakers correctly every time because they understand the context of what is being talked about. This ability is crucial when transcribing depositions, focus groups, or meetings with several speakers.

The specialists at Ditto have extensive backgrounds in industries like Legal, Law Enforcement, Education, Business, and Health Care. In order to ensure that we don’t overlook any crucial information, Ditto provides each client with a dedicated point of contact.  They can also include timestamps and subtitles for your video footage to help aid viewers who may be hard of hearing or deaf understand what is being said.

Ditto’s human approach has an advantage over all machine learning and voice recognition software, because their transcriptionists focus on the client’s particular business doing all the necessary research to make sure they get it right. Transcription mistakes can be very costly, so it’s important to have it done correctly the first time!

“We’re excited to bring transcribing the human way to businesses and government agencies that demand an accurate, high-quality product. We know how to best service them because we’ve been there and experienced it firsthand!” said Walker.

We asked Ben for a final thought. Here is what he left us with, “machines should stick to washing underwear or making toast. Let human professionals handle the transcription.”

To find out more information about Ditto Transcripts and their services, you can visit them at www.dittotranscripts.com or contact info@dittotranscripts.com.