Biographer Andrew Morton ‘Left Breathless’ by Elizabeth Debicki’s Depiction in ‘The Crown’

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Andrew Morton


Andrew Morton, the biographer of Princess Diana, shared that Elizabeth Debicki’s acting as the British royal family member in the recently released The Crown season 5 left him “breathless.” 

Morton collaborated with the Princess in writing Diana: Her True Story, published in July 1992. The book uncovered Diana’s misery in her marriage to the infidel Prince Charles. Furthermore, it elaborates on her bulimia battles and her moments of loneliness and depression. 

Although, at the time, Morton repulsed the speculation that Diana helped in writing the book Diana: Her True Story turned out to be a publishing sensation. In addition, the industry translated it into 29 languages and supposedly sold five million copies worldwide. 

His work practically indicated the royal marriage’s conclusion. Afterward, in December 1992, Prime Minister John Major revealed that the two had separated. 

The most recent season of the hit Netflix series details Morton and Diana’s team-up in the book. 

“It left me breathless, and it took me back all those years,” Morton said on Friday’s episode of Good Morning America. “I mean, I don’t say this very often, but I was shaken.” 

In writing Diana: Her True Story, Morton dispatched queries to the princess through her friend Dr. James Colthurst. Then, Diana recorded answers to the author’s questions. 

In the interview with GMA, Morton stated that he didn’t know Diana’s distressed state of mind when he started to write the book. 

“What I didn’t realize at the time was her sense of isolation, her sense of despair inside the royal system,” he stated. 

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Morton on The Crown

Merely months after the royal highness’ death, Morton released a new installment of the book, Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words, in October 1997. 

This time, the author clarified the primary source of the original book was Diana herself. Furthermore, the new book contained edited transcripts of her recorded replies to his queries. 

Morton served as a consultant on the fifth season of The Crown. Moreover, Andrew Steele (Outlander) portrays him on the show. 

“The scriptwriters had asked me all kinds of questions like: what was the color of the wallpaper in my daughter’s bedroom. Because that’s where I had an office for a time,” he shared with GMA

Previously, the author complimented Emma Corrin’s depiction of Diana in the fourth season of The Crown. He said it was the most realistic he had seen so far.

“I found the buildup to the wedding very affecting. As there was a slowly unfolding realization on both sides that they were heading toward an unwanted and unhappy outcome, namely the royal wedding,” Morton stated. 

“It reminded me of what a close friend of Diana’s said about the whole wretched mess when I was searching Diana: Her True Story. ‘I am sorry for the tragedy of it all. My heart bleeds for the whole misunderstanding. But it bleeds most for Diana.’” 

The Crown’s fifth season is currently available on Netflix.

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