ArtVersion is a trusted partner to both startups and large organizations

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Companies rely on UX design to increase customer satisfaction regardless of the size or industry they serve. It is a process that leverages data and intuition to understand the needs of end users of digital products to create a design that boosts user engagement and retention. Many UI/UX design companies have recently entered the market with big promises to help businesses bond better with customers, but only a few stand out with proven track records through years of experience. ArtVersion Agency is one such UI/UX design company that has been creating digital transformations and shaping UX design discipline since 1999. 

As a pioneer in UX design, ArtVersion is a trusted partner to both startups and large organizations globally. The company holds unparalleled expertise in brand design to drive innovation and growth fused with a user-centered design as its center point. ArtVersion’s core competencies include UI/UX design, web accessibility, usability, and cognitive psychology. In addition, the company has been active in new UI/UX developments alongside other industry leaders, refusing the status quo. So far, ArtVersion has worked with many change agents and innovators across various industries to find nationwide recognition. 

The team, however, prides itself in working with diverse companies and organizations hardly for recognition, but instead for the satisfaction that comes with enabling brands to claim their space in the digital world. For ArtVersion, the core of what they do rests on elevating companies of all calibers with a sense of ownership they can proudly attain within their digital product.

Leading the innovation in the UI/UX design industry, their work is often published under VERSIONS Global Design Collective, where the agency team shares cutting-edge methods, techniques, and findings in the form of white papers and studies—opening new opportunities for conventions and adaptive principals.

The team of researchers, strategists, designers, and developers working behind ArtVersion to excel in UX design has been accredited internationally. The brains behind the continuous evolution include Erin Lentz (Executive Director of Design), Petra Tomekova (Art Director), Cristina Chaidez (Communication Strategist), and Goran Paun (Creative Director and the Firm’s Principal). Their leadership collective can deliver state-of-the-art digital products that never go unnoticed. Recent work produced for Internet Society and the Virginia A. Groot Foundation has recognized three w3 Awards, taking two gold awards and one silver in the 2022 international competition arranged under the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts organization. 

 The Chicago-based digital design agency’s impact on the industry has been even featured by renowned publications and media outlets such as Forbes, Fast Company, AdAge, Entrepreneur, and, to name a few—branding the company, as “a leading global UI/UX agency.”

ArtVersion designs intuitive, data-driven, and user-centered solutions as creative problem solvers pushing brands to enhance their business strategies. The company has always leveraged innovation to create inspiring possibilities in the form of digital products. ArtVersion and its UX designs are known across industries for their expert ability to simplify complex processes and promote clarity. The company’s work ethics and core competencies in user-focused design across multidisciplinary areas allow for seamless consistency and a greater focus on the details that matter. The principal focus at ArtVersion is delivering products that go beyond the expectation of the brands that employ them. 

ArtVersion wants to create more innovative and utility-driven UX designs in the coming years to help more and more brands scale up. The company looks forward to sharing its journey with the world, curating high-level user experience through its exclusive digital products.