What’s next for K-POP? J.Fla Sets the Path for What is to Come

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K-POP has shaken the music industry for quite some time now and has become a de facto genre. K-POP has gained immense popularity for its catchy beat and kaleidoscopic music videos; simultaneously, it brings a unique concept that many admire. Recently, K-POP has included more English in the lyrics, and some have even gone to be sung fully in English. Out of the handful, a song also entirely sung in English is “Bedroom Singer” by J.Fla. J.Fla is a Youtuber with 17.6 million subscribers who have been covering various songs for the past decade and has returned with her own pre-single, “Bedroom Singer.” During her year’s absence, she has worked hard as a singer-songwriter to bring distinctive types of music.

Oddly, the “Bedroom Singer” is not considered a K-POP but rather an alternative. Many might question why that is, but what actually defines a genre? Juxtaposing with other leading artists, J.Fla has experience with copious types of music, singing from rock to electronic dance music; she also has sung covers in Spanish through Youtube, quickly attracting international fans and even artists. Artists such as Marshmello and Alan Walker have commented on her video, and Alan Walker has gone even further to repost her video through Facebook. Through her recently released “Bedroom Singer,” J.Fla’s passion for connecting with the public and fans can be seen. Singing in English allows many to understand that the song depicts the emotions of the ten years she has sung in her bedroom rather than the stage, and because she has produced her music, from lyrics composition to arrangement, that feeling can be deeply expressed.

The unique choice J.Fla made when producing her song had many wondering what her thoughts were when she had topped various music charts. Many media networks have already interviewed her, and J.Fla has responded by saying her subsequent releases will answer the question about the exact genre of her songs. As of now, the question of J.Fla’s vision and direction is nebulous, but her values can be clearly displayed in US Reporter’s interview that she wants to give people “hope, joy, empathy, and healing.” Meantime, her fans will have to tune into her social media and wait precariously for the next release.

In addition to the release of her new album, it has also been confirmed through an interview that she will be collaborating with the Recording Academy — GRAMMYs and hosting special content as the first East Asian female singer by covering a remake from a past nominated and award-winning song. With such a big event right after the release of her album, many are watching with great anticipation to support her upcoming activities. 

A global artist and Youtuber such as J.Fla will have no difficulty entering the US music industry without categorizing herself as K-POP. Ranking 44th on Shazam’s TOP 200 US charts with being 1st in Atlanta, Chicago, Charleston, and Nashville proves that her method of choice is working. The reason that J.Fla has such success and a better chance with her soon-to-release regular album early next year is her experience with various genres of music through the covers she has sung over the years. J.Fla’s continuation in her music career will be what’s next for K-POP, and her pre-single “Bedroom Singer” has set in stone the future of the alternative genre and the path for other artists.