The Lady from East Asia Targets ‘Atlanta,’ the Congregation of Cable Broadcasting Stations.

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Do you know an artist named J.Fla?  She is an artist from South Korea and a famous YouTuber with 17.6 million subscribers who previously belonged to the British label, Osteo Record label, and recently established GoodSen Entertainment. She also prepared and released an album with LA’s Asian-Label, “THE UNIT LABEL.”

“Bedroom Singer” targets Atlanta

We had an extraordinary experience in the first week of release. According to Apple Music’s music recognition program, ‘Shazam,’ J.Fla’s Bedroom Singer ranked TOP 2 in Atlanta’s top charts. This is a very unusual case for an Asian artist and shocking, considering that she has no tour promotions in the United States.

According to Apple’s user research (Shazam statistics), the influx of Apple iTunes users through Shazam continues to hit the top charts in Atlanta at 2nd, Chicago at 24th, Charleston at 43rd, Nashville at 44th, Macon at 98th, Sarasota at 121st, Baton Rouge at 182nd, Louisville at 188th, and Birmingham at 192nd, and concentrates growth in the East. Current ranking in the United States overall is 181st. Thus, her future US tour is expected to be performed mainly in the East.

In particular, it is rare for an Asian to continue to rank high in Atlanta and Chicago, so we can look forward to meeting her at a local festival. Especially the IMAGINE MUSIC FESTIVAL (expect collaboration with foreign DJs), and One MusicFest, famous for various music genres (Cee-Lo Green, The Roots, Andra Day, Kendrick Lamar, etc.)

Following her music video, which recorded a whopping 2.56 million views on YouTube, she achieved a milestone in iTunes with No. 1 on “Alternative Chart” and No. 13 on “All Genre Chart.”

About “Bedroom Singer”

According to her official introduction, Bedroom Singer is a song that illustrates an autobiographical story about her singing only in the room for ten years as a YouTuber and enables us to see her as a singer-songwriter as it is a song she wrote and composed herself. In addition, John Hanes of MixStar Studio and Chris Gehringer of Sterling Sound who we are familiar with contributed.

There will be a unique collaboration next month with Recording Academy, which hosts GRAMMYs, so let’s keep a close eye on her social media.

Below is a short interview with J.Fla

As a rookie in Atlanta, you are surprisingly gaining popularity. It’s even more surprising that the song’s lyrics are all in English. Is this song K-POP? I’m curious as to how you decided to enter the US.

It was unexpected, so I am very grateful. To be honest, even before I was asked if it was K-POP, I had already thought, “What is the genre of my songs?” I asked myself and have pondered. In addition to the released Bedroom Singer, I made a lot of music of various genres for the full-length album. If you continue to listen to my music that will be released, I am sure you will understand why I pondered.

You’re famous on YouTube, but you’re now becoming famous on other platforms such as Shazam, Apple Music, iTunes, etc. I’m curious about how you appealed to the public with your music.

Like I said before, I made various kinds of music, but I honestly didn’t expect that one song would be liked this much from the beginning. Bedroom Singer is filled completely with my story, and I wanted to convey my appearance, thoughts, and feelings in the past episodes that were full of twists and turns. It’s like constructing my own clothes. I wanted to design and wear various dresses for the model I called my life. I believe singing my honest story was positively conveyed to the public. I wanted to create everything independently, and it took a long time to prepare for the full-length album. As much as it took, I hope that this album will become a “friend met through music” at some point in the day for the public and fans.

I heard that you are preparing collaboration content with GRAMMYs. Can you give a little hint on what you are preparing?

First, I was astonished when I heard that I would collaborate with GRAMMYs. There are many famous K-POP artists and great musicians from Japan and China, but I heard this collaboration is the first in East Asia. I was very happy, but at the same time, I felt a lot of responsibility to do well. GRAMMYs sent me a list of past award-winning songs, and there were so many songs from my favorite musicians that I wanted to do, but after a lot of thought, I decided to remake a song by a musician that I had a connection with. In the process of asking the musician for consent from GRAMMYs for the re-arrangement of this remake, I was surprised once again that the musician told me that they knew me well. It is expected to be released in early November, so please look forward to it!