The Hop Bag Revolutionizing Travel Bags as It Launches on Kickstarter as the Newest Product on the Horizon

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Launching new products has become almost a regular occurrence, but not every new product in the market delivers the highest level of functionality and convenience that customers are looking for. The Hop Bag is a new product that recently launched on Kickstarter and got fully funded within four days..

The Hop Bag is touted as “the world’s most unique travel bag,” and it comes from the collective effort of a team committed to creating products that help streamline people’s travel and luggage needs. The creators believe that travel should be fuss-free and fun, and packing should be compact and hassle-free. Thus, The Hop Bag was introduced to implement the possibility of traveling light with a single bag. “Lugging multiple bags is no way to travel,” the product’s description on Kickstarter said.

BackerLand, Backercrew – Top Campaign Booster, and Kickbooster collaborated to bring this project to life, and so far, the success has been remarkable. “We design products that are multi-utility and modular and provide true solutions. Furthermore, we aim to do this while being committed to the environment and our customers – using environment-friendly, long-lasting, durable materials,” the team said.

With The Hop Bag, users can pick from a soft suitcase, messenger bag, or laptop/tablet sleeve, depending on their choice for their trip. It takes away the need to have multiple bags. Travelers who struggle with keeping their things organized will also find The Hop Bag useful as it features different bags and pouches for different needs.

Made from vegan leather, The Hop Bag satisfies all environment-friendly requirements as it is made from cruelty-free, recyclable, vegan, sustainable and zero-waste products. It is a one-of-its-kind bag that adapts to the users’ needs and gives them what they need at every point. Creating The Hop Bag took some time as the creators came together from different backgrounds and perspectives to create a product that gives users everything they want in a bag. The creation process began in July 2021 with the creation of a prototype that will replace having to use multiple bags for short trips. In August 2022, the final version was released, and the following month, its campaign launched on Kickstarter and now, it is fully funded and ready for production.

Innovation, utility and design are the three most important factors in the creation of the product, and the end product reflects functionality, versatility and chicness that have never been seen in a single product. Production of The Hop Bag for commercial use is set to begin in November 2022, and shipping will commence in February 2023. With a starting price of $398, the price is an absolute steal for all its functionality. The Hop Bag is currently on a promotional discount, with offers of up to 35% off for a few weeks only, so people are rushing to get their own pair.

Many people have signed up for this newly-launched product, with many more joining the waitlist by the day. And the creators have expressed their enthusiasm about what they have in store and how it will change how people travel and pack for short trips.