Tesla Investors Talks Distractions on Elon Musk

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After all the delicate process, Elon Musk still wants to acquire Twitter.

While this is good news for Twitter shareholders, Tesla investors fear if the business mogul still has time for them. They also need a little help.

Of course, Musk continues to be appreciated on Wall Street and behind the wheel. However, some are currently having the last ounce of patience as to how the richest person in the world can no longer focus his attention on the company that brought him the bulk of his wealth.

Tesla announced its results after the close of trading on Wednesday. Shares have tumbled more than 35% this year on concerns over Tesla’s recently released third-quarter production and delivery numbers that were more murky than expected.

Wall Street continues to anticipate excessive revenue and earnings growth as consensus forecasts call for a more than 60% increase in revenue and earnings. However, analysts have lowered these forecasts in recent weeks.

Stronger Competition

This is part of the growing competition for Tesla in the US, such as GM, Ford, Volkswagen, and other electric vehicle start-ups like Rivian and Lucid.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s Chinese subsidiary also faces huge hurdles as it faces home-grown electric vehicle competitors including Nio, Xpeng, and Li Auto. Also on the list is BYD, a Chinese auto company backed by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.

However, Tesla is not fighting in vain. This year, the automotive industry is facing challenges due to growing concerns about the global recession, rising energy prices and intense competition.

Major US, European and Japanese automakers are facing stock declines of around 20% to 45% this year. Moreover, the proportion of pure electric vehicle enterprises in the United States and China has dropped from about 60% to 80% in 2022.

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Tesla Investors Fear

Tesla Investors are concerned about Musk’s recent business take.

Shareholder of Tesla Gary Black, also a managing partner at the Future Fund, has been tweeting that worries over Twitter are a strain for Tesla investors for the past few weeks. 

In one of his tweets, Black stated that there are many issues for Tesla because of Twitter. Among them are two of the biggest: The extension from an eventual Tesla stock sale by Musk to back the agreement and the distraction it’s causing for Musk, mainly because “Elon’s core competency is engineering/tech,” and Twitter is more of an ad-supported media company. 

Furthermore, the seat for Tesla’s chief operating officers remains empty. Meaning, Musk must be compelled to take on a hands-on approach at Tesla amid his other commitments in multiple ventures, like SpaceX, The Boring Company, Neuralink, and possibly Twitter. 

The insufficient deliveries and production numbers underline how a weakening global economy (and potential recession) could injure Tesla. 

“Are we sure the problem is only supply and not (partially) related to demand?” queried Adam Jones, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, in the latest report. 

Jonas continued that it “would be unreasonable to assume” that the firm can stick to its prices without demand lessening, specifically if the economy is weakening. 

Moreover, this could impact demand since Tesla is amid growing competition in the US.

“To enhance its competitive competition, Tesla will need to expand its range of products to contend with a substantially higher number of models from established global automakers and star-ups by the end of 2025,” stated an analyst at S&P Global Ratings in a new report.

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