Ryan O’Rourke Shares His Unique Strategy on Winning Big in Sports Betting

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Sports betting is an essential aspect of professional sports-game that rewards the knowledge and loyalty of sports fans worldwide. However, many sports fans often depend on luck or pure chance to beat the odds and win. To help these bettors increase their chances and rake in consistent winning, sports betting guru Ryan O’Rourke has developed a unique strategy with a 59% to 66% win rate. 

Sports betting was viewed as disreputable, a shady under-the-table deal in the early days. However, the advent of technology has dramatically changed this narrative. Now, sports bettors can support their favorite team and legitimately use their knowledge of the game to earn money from their laptops and smartphones. While this is an exciting concept, employing the skills of an industry expert like Ryan increases the chances of predicting a favorable outcome, much like how stock market brokers help their clients make profitable investments after rigorous research to predict wins and losses correctly. 

Born and raised in Vancouver, Washington, Ryan O’Rourke is a former division 1 collegiate athlete at Arizona State University with over a decade of experience in sports betting. His vast experience on the playing field gives him a unique skill set that most other sports consultants do not have. True to this fact, the former elite athlete can spot subtle nuances that others would miss to predict a successful outcome. On top of that, his quantitative insight led him to develop a result-driven system with a consistent win rate of over 60%, thus radically changing the game. The go-getter now leverages his statistics and athletic experience to help the average joe earn a passive income from sports betting. 

Sharing his early journey in the world of sports betting, Ryan recalled his interests were piqued after watching a movie titled, Two for the Money, starring A-list actors like Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey, Renne Russo, and more. First, Ryan watched how Brandan Lang, played as Matthew McConaughey, consistently picked winners. Then, inspired by the immersive plot based on a true story, Ryan knew he had found his unique gift – predicting sports outcomes. 

Testing his concept in the real world and combined with tons of research, Ryan slowly built his confidence over the years and successfully picked winners consistently by identifying winning sports lines. However, the 2018 NBA season was the turning point for the firebrand entrepreneur—his impressive skills in sports betting earned him $100,000 from February to April that year. “That’s when I knew I had something. I developed a system with my statistics background, and after 2-3 months of hitting a high percentage of picks — I realized this is not luck,” remarked Ryan. 

To further cement his reputation as a high winner in the sports betting scene, Ryan developed a system similar to how the line makers develop lines, giving him a competitive advantage in the industry. “Strategic sports betting is not gambling; gambling losses, I don’t,” he said. So, on top of making giant strides in the sports betting industry through strategic calculations, the industry leader wants to help people profit from sports.

Backed by his consistent results, Ryan informs his clients that sports betting is an investment much like the stock market or a 401k. “Whether you have a $500 or a $500,000 bankroll to start up with. You have to be able to let the Up and down of the season take place. But with my system, it’s been proven to be around 59% to 66% on the win rate,” he explained. Generated over the season, Ryan expressed his confidence in bringing in consistent returns at 8% to 15% ROI per month, further sharing that when compounded over a six month-season, the return is ten times higher than any 401k. 

As Ryan O’Rourke continues to establish his brand in the sports betting scene, he aims to help more people make money from their passion with a unique strategy guaranteed to win.