Niche Design House, premier interior design firm of The Rocky Mountains

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It is all about aesthetics these days. At least, that is what you will see on any of the numerous home-makeover shows. If you’re like me, then you watch those shows and immediately think, “why can’t my house look like that.” You try, but somehow always buy pieces that don’t fit together or create a layout that never functions the way you want. For those of us lacking the necessary skills it takes to design a beautiful home, there is a team that can help us obtain both comfort and style.

Niche Design House, the premier interior design firm of The Rocky Mountains, has mastered the art of personalizing their client’s spaces. They curate residential and commercial properties for breathtaking one-of-a-kind compositions. Niche Design House’s blend of all-encompassing services allows them to collaborate and tailor each place unique to their client. Whether you know exactly what you want or have no clue, Niche Design house will work diligently to create a design that will leave you in awe.

Having a space where you can focus and work without distraction can increase your work productivity, making you and your business successfully grow. In the office or in your home, Niche Design House can reimagine your workspace into tailored excellence. We all need specific environments to hone our skills for work. Having a clean, practical workspace can increase focus and even increase your sales.   

Why allow a poorly designed home to take over your life when you can get expert interior designers to come in and help you take back control? 

When the outside world is messy and difficult to navigate, your home should be a place to relax and unwind. Too often, we come home and feel overwhelmed by clutter and chores. And if your space doesn’t work for you, then small things like doing laundry can turn into an overwhelming task that never gets done. Niche Design House works with you to create the flow you need to make your life easier.

The layout of your house can reduce cleaning time, increase productivity, and give your family a place they can truly enjoy. But to make this dream a reality, you need an expert. Niche Design House has spent years studying the art of home design, and they know how to incorporate function better than anyone.

While functionality plays an essential role in your home, style and design are two key components to having a happy, stress-free zone. There is no doubt we are entering an era of evolving esthetics. Homeowners have started pursuing relaxation and comfort over sharp, conventional designs. Due to COVID, people spent more time at home than in recent history. Increasing the attention to form, function and hygge. Hygge is a Danish word for “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.”

The mid-century modern aesthetic is now getting mixed with vintage pieces to create a homey look that still feels luxurious. Niche Design House is the way to go if you want to modernize your home into an oasis of comfort. They’ve been curating homes that emphasize pleasing aesthetics for years. With a collection of Northern Colorado’s most unique home furnishings, you’ll have countless designs to choose from. This means that saying goodbye to the “easy-to-assemble” furniture and hello to curated, unique, beautiful arrangements couldn’t be easier.

The old myth that comfort and class don’t mix is disproved by this new wave of “homes with character.” Every person has their style, and your home should reflect that same feeling. 

Let the experts at Niche Design House work with you on floor planning, color schemes, furniture selection, lighting, and more. Their designers will help you conceptualize your dream space into reality, and their keen attention to detail and style will transform your idea of what a home can be.