Nancy Mace Approves Kevin McCarthy’s Strategy to Cut Spending

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On Sunday, Rep Nancy Mace said she supports Republican leader Kevin McCarthy’s strategy. 

Earlier, McCarthy offered a strategy of refusing to raise the debt ceiling if Republicans win the general election. That is unless White House Democrats approve of the spending cuts.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union,” Mace shared her views as someone in an oversight position.

She said: “And I can tell you, I sit on the Oversight Committee, where we look at waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal agency level. And there is a waste in every single agency.” 

The Republican said that during the onset of COVID-19, companies had to make tough choices. They had to decide how to keep their businesses open. And the federal government still made record revenue despite not making those tough choices.

“We can find ways to be more responsible with our spending, just like we forced companies and businesses to during COVID. So, that’s one of the ways that I would approach it,” she stated. 

On Friday, President Joe Biden said he would disregard a warning from Republican officials to default the country if he disagreed with their demands. However, he does not support Democrats’ attempts to break the debt ceiling.

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Shut Out

Mace pointed out that Republicans were “shut out of many of those conversations” when Tapper asked about the legislation and meeting with Senate and White House leaders to come up with a plan to cut spending.

“We have seen Republicans for a year-and-a-half now talk about more responsible spending. Looking at the deficit spending in these bills that have been passed, talking about how we can move this country forward. And we have been shut out.” 

Meanwhile, during the “State of the Union” on Sunday, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders expressed his side. He said he approved of increasing the debt limits. 

“But what Republicans are basically doing – and I hope everybody understands this: they are saying look, we are prepared to let the United States default on its debt, not raise the debt ceiling, unless – you talk about making cuts. 

Sanders continued: “You know what they’re talking about? Cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Is that responsible? It is absolutely irresponsible. You don’t use the debt ceiling to do that.” 

Mace Not Interested in Tit-for-Tat

Mace also told Tapper that she wouldn’t immediately agree with impeaching Biden if Republicans win back the House in November. 

But she didn’t cross out the idea either. Instead, she stressed that accusations of high crime and misdemeanors “would have to be investigated.” 

She added: “I am not interested in plating tit-for-tat. I am not interested in retaliation. Impeachment has been weaponized over the years, and we’ve seen that. I really want us to be focused on the economy, on tackling inflation with responsible policy.” 

Mace went to Ukraine since the war started. She ditched the question of whether she backed McCarthy’s statements to Punchbowl that House Republicans would not write a “blank check” to Ukraine if they are higher in numbers. 

“It is something that we’re going to have to find balance on next year,” she stated. 

Perhaps it’s because of the imminent economic decline and Republicans’ vows to decrease government spending.

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Photo: Mediaite