MC Luna Trine Follows New Calling, Picks Up New Career in Music

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Pivoting from one field to another comes with fear and uncertainty about the future, especially for a person who has already established themselves in a specific field before. But that did not stop photographer MC Luna Trine from stepping into the spotlight as he pursues a music career.

The New York City-born artist, photographer, videographer, and now musician has spent years rooting himself in the creative world. As a young child, he spent time drawing and painting and then delved into photography and videography in college. This gave him further exposure to Hollywood, and soon, he was shooting at fashion shows, events, music videos and concerts. For years, he met and worked with many entertainment personalities ranging from artists, celebrities and people from all walks of life until he decided to step out from behind the camera and now be in the spotlight himself.

To mark his move, he has released his first single, “Aura for Me,” which talks about connecting people based on their energy and aura. The reception he got encouraged him to start working on his next song titled “Come With Me To The Moon.” Other than music, MC Luna Trine has brought forward his love for traveling as he launched a travel vlog documenting his journeys and adventures all over the world.

MC Luna Trine basks in his creativity and talent, which he believes are the things that will make him a standout artist in the entertainment scene. Furthermore, his willingness to work with people regardless of their status or journey has helped him unlock and uncover many gems in the industry. “Being a former photographer that has shot with many celebrities and public figures has allowed me to see everyone the same. I do not view anyone differently based on their status or success. I understand that building with anyone who is willing to build with you is more important than how well-known the person is. Also, my openness and nonjudgmental view of people’s creativity help me become open to working with other people from all walks of life,” he said.

MC Luna Trine’s biggest selling points are being authentic with his music and creating melodies that put his audience at rest. He hopes to connect with as many people as possible and be a part of their journey somehow. 

“When I was a photographer, I could do a shoot with a well-known celebrity and in a few hours after a meetup with a person who is starting off their journey in the creative field and treat them the same way with respect. I love to help and inspire others and give people advice. I am open to creating with other people, no matter the level of skills they’re in. I love to work with and create with other people. I am open to trying new creative ideas and taking advice from others,” he said.

With him pivoting to another area of entertainment he loves, MC Luna Trine hopes to inspire the world and challenge more people to keep channeling their creative sides, even if it requires changing what they do and starting a new journey.