Johnnie Spencer’s Shares Deep Passion For God And Music To The World

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Music is one of the most demanding and competitive industries today. Artists and musicians face the pressure of being original and creative. Moreover, they have to put in their heart and soul into their work while thinking about how people will respond to their art. Amidst the challenges, however, Johnnie Spencer believes that faith can be a source of strength through the challenges of the industry.

Johnnie Spencer is a producer and all-around artist who has recently been on the rise. He owns a business on top of creating music for his fans. As a talented writer, author, composer, musician, singer, producer, photographer, videographer, and graphic designer, Johnnie views his gifts and talents as a great blessing from God. Accordingly, he turns to God’s grace in all things that he does, whether it be in business or music.

Johnnie is a unique artist who trusts in music’s ability to impact people’s lives. He chose the words “peace, prosperity, and reform” when asked to describe his demeanor. What sets Johnnie apart is that he uses his music to spread a message of hope from God in a world full of darkness and despair. 

People familiar with the artist frequently wonder how he manages to carry out all the duties involved in producing high-quality music. People always wonder if Johnnie is either in a group or a one-man band. “God has blessed me to be able to wear all the hats,” he said in an interview

Some of Johnnie’s top tracks include songs like “I Lift My Hands To You,” “Thank You,” and “Worthy To Be Praised.” He also created an LP entitled A New Beginning, which he released on August 2022. The record has seven songs, including new tracks like “A New Beginning,” “New Jerusalem,” “Thinkin,” and “God Will Cover You.” 

The versatile musician and producer are known for creating excellent music that can deeply penetrate a person’s soul. He expertly composes each song with his strong spiritual convictions, allowing listeners to find inspiration and hope through it. Johnnie is convinced that he is called, chosen, anointed, and used for God’s glory, purpose, and plan. “From my Heavenly Father, through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and by the power of the Holy Ghost who rest, rules, and abides in me, is what drives me most,” shares the musician. “The overarching reality inspires me to be a servant of the Most High God who has been given me musical gifts and talents to bless many people,” he added.

The singer-songwriter thinks that everyone’s story lies behind a song, and his story will inspire others by showing them that no matter what they go through on a social, mental, emotional, verbal, physical, financial, or even spiritual level, it is all for the greater good. Johnnie does not want to face off against other songwriters, musicians, singers, or producers but only competes with himself. He only cares about doing God’s will so he can reach greater heights and lower depths in his musical endeavors.

Johnnie aspires to be the kind of artist who creates excellent music and lyrics to encourage and inspire his audience. He wants every listener to be open to being inspired by his music and to continue creating music that makes a difference in the world.