Drip Gym is leading the way with this innovative mental health treatment

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If you live in a larger metro area, you may have noticed that a new type of wellness center has been popping up. IV drip therapy is having a definite moment. People have been lining up to receive intravenous treatments of various vitamins and compounds designed to help boost energy, detox the system, stimulate weight loss, relieve stress, and even cure hangovers.

“Administering an IV allows 100% bioavailability with immediate effect,” says Dr. Pervaiz Qureshi, the lead physician with the Drip Gym, an IV drip therapy location based in New York City. “An IV delivers nutrients and vitamins directly to your bloodstream through a vein, completely bypassing the gastrointestinal system.”

Ketamine for Wellness 

The most recent advancement in intravenous wellness has been the ketamine drip. For decades, ketamine has primarily been used as an anesthetic by doctors and hospitals. More infamously, it is also known as a party drug with the street name “Special K.” Its hallucinogenic properties were discovered in the 1960s and was later used to treat soldiers on the battlefield and as a surgical anesthetic beginning in the 1970s. The state of euphoria that ketamine can induce made it a popular drug with “Club Kids” of the mid-1980s and early 1990s. 

However, recent studies have revealed that ketamine may be used as a treatment for mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and even addiction. Ketamine has been used successfully with suicidal patients, especially with those experiencing immediate suicidal ideation. Ketamine can cause a state of disassociation that can last a few hours — long enough to calm a person in the throws of overwhelming suicidal thoughts or high anxiety. 

Ketamine works by improving the brain’s neuroplasticity. The brain’s neural pathways can be damaged by stress, trauma, and depression. Ketamine drips repair these neural pathways, getting right to the source of depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. 

Drip Gym is currently leading the way with this innovative mental health treatment, offering ketamine drip therapy along with its other doctor-supervised intravenous treatments. Drip Gym’s ketamine therapy offers people a longer-lasting approach to mental health wellness that has proven efficacy. 

There has been a noted shift in the public perception of mental health, namely acceptable treatment approaches. Studies support ketamine use for depression and other mental health concerns as being fast-acting and robust. Under Dr. Qureshi’s leadership, Drip Gym has become one of the frontrunners in ketamine therapy in the NYC metro area.

Though several other IV drip bars have emerged in recent years to take advantage of ketamine therapy’s rising popularity, Drip Gym has set itself apart by offering ketamine treatment and a quality approach to wellness overall. “From the moment a patient walks into the facility to the moment they walk out, they can expect quality from us,” says Dr. Qureshi. “From good hospitality to a well-rounded practitioner who explains the treatments with knowledge, is respectful of every patient’s privacy, and handles each patient with care, quality makes the difference.”

Through offering cutting-edge treatments and spa services that seek to help people find wellness inside and out, Drip Gym has tapped into a new movement in wellness — holistic care that is focused on mental health, and helping people restore energy and vitality to their lives. Each service, including its ketamine drips, is tailored to the needs of the individual, making Drip Gym a place that offers something for everyone. 

“Our medical spa offers top-of-the-line products, and our facilities are designed with your comfort in mind,” Dr. Qureshi says. “We believe in being your best self, and sometimes that includes giving yourself some much-needed TLC.”

For people who have struggled with mental health setbacks such as depression and suicidal ideations, having an innovative and proven treatment available could prove life-changing. Drip Gym’s goal for their clientele is abundantly clear, as Dr. Qureshi explains: “Our goal is for our clients to feel self-improved.”