Credit Cards May be a Trap, Says Money Expert

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Credit Cards


Now might be the right time to cut the cards. 

Inflation continues to rise to the roof. With that, credit card interest rates also jumped by an average of 22%, per Lending Tree. 

Ramsey Solution’s personal finance expert Dave Ramsey said on Fox & Friend that the most appropriate way over high rates and increased debt is to throw out the credit card completely. 

“I got rid of the credit cards a long time ago and went to a debit card,” he stated. 

Furthermore, Ramsey provided some tips for spending without a credit card. It includes shedding light on credit scores and learning that beating the system can be practicable. 

Another personal finance expert George Kamel butted in. He said it is practicable to go over the credit card number bet. 

“You don’t have to play this game to try to get 2% back while [dealing with] 22% interest,” he stated. “It’s insane.”

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Credit Scores Worries

Because of their credit scores, consumers are concerned about letting go of their cards. 

However, Kamel stated that this “precious” score is entirely unimportant. 

“I haven’t had a credit score in years. And I learned you can rent apartments, you can rent cars, you can rent hotels,” he stated. “I even bought a house without a credit score.” 

Ramsey added that a high credit score merely proves that a consumer is good at entering into debt. 

“The algorithm that FICO uses to create your credit score is 100% based on how much you play ‘kissy-face’ with the bank,” he stated. “Are you going to continue to play ‘kissy-face’ with them? And then wonder why you’re broke?” 

The expert provided another piece of advise. Consumers must have an emergency fund on hand all the time. Ramsey Solutions discovered that 36% of Americans couldn’t afford a $400 emergency. And they turn to their credit cards for that time of need. 

“It’s a plastic crutch,” Kamel stated. “Americans are now $887 billion in credit card debt. That’s half of all the student loan debt out there.” 

Consumers Dive Into Credit Cards

Moreover, Kamel elaborated that many consumers have signed up for the “trap” of utilizing a credit card to accumulate points and aid their credit scores. 

But due to inflation, Ramsey stated that consumers progressively “dive into” credit cards with these high-interest rates. He noted that it is just a different way that the banks “screw you.” 

According to Ramsey, his team has released its own debit card – Gazelle, with no fees and no debt. 

“No screwing you,” he stated. “What a neat idea!” 

Additionally, he said inflation is “a little scary” for everybody. However, it’s good to remember that “you don’t make good decisions when you’re afraid.” 

He also encouraged consumers to recover from the emotion and remind themselves to save the money they have. 

To put it simply, he said: “I can’t control all this stuff coming to me. But I can control how I react to it.” 

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Ramsey said: “Eighty percent of the banking industry’s revenue comes from interest on loans. That’s absolutely ridiculous.”

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