Adidas puts Kanye West Yeezy deal under review

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Image Source: LA Times

Days after Kanye West debuted a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt design at Paris Fashion Week, Adidas claims that it is examining its Yeezy collaboration with the rapper.

The business noted that successful collaborations are built on mutual respect and common ideals but avoided mentioning the dispute.

Responding on Instagram, the rapper and fashion designer charged that the company “stole” his creations. However, it now appears as though that post was removed.

Adidas informed the BBC that it had decided to reassess the cooperation after making numerous unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue discreetly.

A representative for the German sportswear firm added that the Adidas-Yeezy alliance is among the most fruitful partnerships in the history of our sector.

Mr. West added “I AM ADIDAS” after using a violent expletive in his Instagram post.

He received backlash earlier this week after he displayed a line at Paris Fashion Week that featured t-shirts bearing the slogan “White Lives Matter.”

The phrase “Black Lives Matter,” which stands in opposition to racism and police brutality, became widely popularized after George Floyd, an unarmed black man, was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis in the summer of 2020.

Among those who attacked West over the T-shirts was Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, global fashion editor-at-large of the fashion publication Vogue. She called the action “hugely irresponsible.”

In retaliation, Mr. West attacked Ms. Karefa-Johnson and posted images of her mockingly to his 17.9 million followers.

In a statement, Vogue said it stands with Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson was bullied inappropriately and was individually targeted, according to Vogue. But, noting that voices like hers are required now more than ever, she spoke the truth once again in a way that felt right to her in a private meeting with Ye today.

Adidas and West’s alliance has lasted over ten years and has been under tension for some time. The Yeezy shoe line, which costs hundreds of dollars and frequently sells out within minutes of being released, is the focal point of their cooperation.

He claimed in June that Adidas had produced a sneaker that resembled the recognizable Yeezy style but was not covered by their agreement.

While the inquiry is ongoing, Adidas said it would continue to co-manage the collaboration. Adidas made the statement less than a month after Kanye West’s legal team informed Gap in writing that he would no longer be working with the company.

He claimed that Gap violated the terms of the agreement by refusing to establish independent stores for his Yeezy clothing line.

Kanye West returns to Twitter after Instagram restriction

Kanye West posted on Twitter for the first time in almost two years after being suspended by Meta on Friday. Elon Musk, who is in the middle of purchasing the social media network, applauded the action.

Ye, who has officially changed his name from West, posted a picture of a hat with the year 2024 written on it. “Welcome back to Twitter,” my friend wrote Musk in response to the other tweet.

In November 2020, just after the most recent US presidential election, West last updated his Twitter account. Following his initial tweet on Friday, West published a second one in which he appeared alongside Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg and accused him of removing him from Instagram.

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A Meta representative told CNN Business on Saturday that West’s account had content removed for breaking the terms of service and that a restriction had been put on it. However, it was unclear what aspect of the video was undesirable or what limitation was put in place.

The action (removal) was taken in response to a now-deleted post that West uploaded, which featured a screenshot of a text exchange with Sean “Diddy” Combs that the American Jewish Committee deemed “anti-Jewish.”

In March, Instagram placed West on a 24-hour suspension for using a racial slur at “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah.