Zac Efron shuts down plastic surgery rumours and explains ‘jaw-gate’

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Zac Efron shuts down plastic surgery


Zac Efron is a Hollywood actor who, over the course of his career, has been the subject of many rumours. Recently, he was dubbed “a plastic surgery nightmare” in reference to photos that surface on social media that show. An obviously different chin, jawline and mouth than he had before.

Zac Efron took to Twitter to address these claims head-on in a post call “Tired of these blatant lies”. A clear rebuke for those who were quick to jump on the bandwagon about his supposed recent procedures without stopping. For even one minute and considering that maybe it was just bad lighting or angles. Which cause some differences from what they were use to seeing.

Zac Efron protested that it was just because of the angle, or flash. Which was why he look different from how he normally does. Many people on Twitter agree with him, proving that Efron’s rebuttal had been effective.

Efron went on to call out the media for using these photos when they could have used other shots that would have told a better story. He reminded everyone that taking photos is all about angles and making choices – a lesson many of us often forget in our quest to get more views across social media.

Efron’s “jaw-gate” controversy comes in at a time when the topic of plastic surgery is dominating all headlines. With stars, including Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Emma Watson undergoing procedures on their bodies in order to look better, it’s easy to make the conclusion that their intentions were always to change the way they looked.

Zac Efron opens up more about his own plastic surgery rumours in this video:

Although Efron is delight at how effective his tweet was. He must know that media scrutiny will be hard to avoid from now on – especially because he has expressed an interest in getting cosmetic surgery.

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Since that time, Efron has made it clear he is interested in plastic surgery procedures. However, he doesn’t say whether or not he has actually received any yet. And what his plans are in terms of going under the knife. He does admit that he had wanted one procedure to correct his nose. While a few others were just fanciful ideas.