Why DrChauBnB Believes in the Philosophy of Servant Leadership

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A lot of people squirm at and mock philosophy. And that’s a pity because their dislike comes from what they think of as a wordy discipline, instead of a set of governing ideas and principles that they all carry within themselves. We may dislike philosophers of the day and might be ignorant of the ones who have passed away, but we fail to understand how the philosophies they brought forward, lead and shape the world we live in and the people we become. For financial coach and AirBnB Arbitrage Expert ‘DrChauBnB’, it’s imperative to value the philosophy of servant leadership and harness it for the benefits it entails.

The first question to ask here is, what exactly is servant leadership? DrChauBnB explains it, “this is a philosophy of authority rather than power. Authority is what you get when you engage with people, form ideas, and develop within yourself insights that the information gained reveals. It’s not raw power that works for its sake, but one that values the POV of others as it helps us develop our way of thinking. Its greatest value asset is encouraging diversity in thought, which transforms into a diversity of ideas and ultimately culminates into actions and solutions that are based on new perspectives and thus more potent.”

Authority is indeed a matter of persistence and knowledge acquisition. Explaining why he believes in this particular philosophy, DrChauBnB says, “Well, I’m a firm believer of the abundance mindset which means I like to think big and then act upon it. Servant Leadership advocates against a selfish mindset as it encourages people to engage with others and make room for new ways of looking. It has helped me grow in my mind, as well as my work.”

Servant Leadership seems to be a great way to be inclusive while, at the same time, standing out.