The Investors Academy Is Transforming Lives of Underserved Individuals in Metro Atlanta

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A famous saying goes: “those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” This saying rings true for The Investors Academy, an organization transforming lives and building a legacy with purpose-driven initiatives. It is riddled with a purpose to create a lasting, positive change in the world, particularly by serving as a resource hub for under-served individuals and families in Metro Atlanta; homeless veterans, the hungry, unemployed, disabled persons, individuals living with chronic ailments, and ex-offenders integrating back into the community.

As one of its core tenets, the Investors Academy was established to drive change, spark action, and impact lives by supporting low-income individuals, families, and communities in carving a path toward self-sufficiency. Through its Outreach Programs, the organization offers housing support, transitional housing, permanent housing linkages, wrap-around services, a full-service food pantry that is open to the public, a computer lab, a Job Readiness Program, job placement, and in-house resources to support basic needs, Financial Coaching, and Life Skills Training, among others. 

As a result, these programs have made a huge splash and a difference in the lives of many. Over 3,000 families have benefited this year from the promising initiatives, with 500 homeless veterans housed, over 300 persons coached and trained, and providing jobs for over 300 individuals. Simply put, The Investor Academy equips individuals with the tools to launch themselves to greater heights.

One of the organization’s most impressive programs is the Academy Youth Outreach Program, which offers the youth an excellent opportunity to work and make their career dreams a reality. The program helps the youth build workplace skills, train on how to manage their finances, develop a plan for building a career, and connect to jobs and education opportunities to help get there through an apprenticeship project. Additionally, the Academy offers a Youth Apprenticeship Job Training Program, which serves all at-risk youth aged between 15-24 years in Metro Atlanta, GA. 

In a statement, the organization’s program housing director, Montra McKenzie, shared that although the Youth Job Training Program is open to all community members, the program prioritizes all at-risk youth experiencing various hardships such as homelessness, unemployment, recovering substance abuse addicts, mental health, especially those that have not successfully enrolled in a traditional classroom setting, and youth that do not have access to resources to support their personal and career development. “We have an ambitious goal of serving youth that is considered at-risk and living below the GA poverty line,” she said.

She added further, “the mission of the Youth Apprenticeship Job Training Program is to help underserved youth on their pathway to self-sufficiency through hands-on job training in the warehousing industry. Through this, we aim to provide the youth with skills that can be utilized in the real world.”

On top of helping individuals thrive in the workforce and their personal lives, The Investors Academy also offers a clothing closet to help these hopefuls be “Dressed for Success” and have interviews. The Academy aims to continue helping underserved individuals launch to success in the coming years.