The Baked Bear | Great Place For Ice Cream and Brownies

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The Baked Bear


Baked bear is a company based in London, England. They make all sorts of iced, chocolatey treats and have at least fifteen flavors. Initially founded in 2013, The Baked Bear is still doing well and is extremely popular with students and locals who love their innovative take on the old ice cream sandwich.

The question on most people’s lips is: What makes The Baked Bear so different? Well, only a few things really set them apart from the competition. Firstly, they make use of brownies as the base of their sandwiches. As we all know, brownies are delicious and rich, making them go perfectly with ice cream. They also make their ice cream in the sandwiches with a decadent chocolate taste. It is combined with the brownie and a drizzle of chocolate too.

This sweet creation is then put on a stick and handed out. Anyone who has had a brownie before knows this is perfect for eating on the go or taking away picnics. However, there are other unique features of The Baked Bear as well.

The first feature noticeable about this company is its use of the Internet. They have a free website where you can place an order (although any payment after this is charged to you). You can order online and receive your ice cream sandwiches in the post. This way, the baked bear does not have to be in your vicinity for you to be able to enjoy its treats.

The baked bear also makes ice cream sandwiches. It means you can enjoy them quicker than most and they are also, of course, cheaper. However, the company sells ice cream, which is a trademark of most local businesses.

It means that anyone wanting to buy The Baked Bear’s ice cream items needs to go to their website and place an order. This is what makes it an online establishment rather than a local one. There are ten different numbers to choose from, and you can call in and place your order free of charge if you do.

The baked bear also has a large selection of flavors for people to choose from as well as iced chocolate raspberry and ice cream sandwiches. These flavors include cookie dough, sticky toffee pudding, Oreo, and peanut butter. It also sells different brownies for its ice cream sandwiches, including chocolate brownies and organic brownies. 

This can make it a fun experience, and it is not very often that someone will have the chance to experiment in this way. The baked bear also offers various toppings to add to your brownie ice cream sandwiches, such as salted caramel and dark chocolate.

The company also serves waffles and homemade ice cream; as you can imagine, it does exceptionally well. It has found a niche market in brownies. It has used it to its advantage, becoming extremely popular in London and spreading out further, with its website being accessible all over the world.

The Baked Bear Ambiance-

One of the best things about this company is how it has a great ambiance. You can buy all sorts of treats from them, and they will be delivered to your doorstep anytime. It is excellent for those that want to buy baked beer without moving out of home or office.

The baked bear has a good collection of flavors, and its prices are highly affordable. It makes them suitable for students and anyone else that loves sweets but is on a budget. The smell of the ice cream and brownies is also inviting, making it an excellent eat-out place.

The baked bear has been ranked one of the best places to eat. Although this company sells all sorts of treats, the brownie ice cream sandwich is its trademark. The name itself is pretty much self-explanatory. It is an excellent choice for those that love ice cream and brownies and want to combine them into one treat.

About The Food-

The Baked Bear is a fun place to go out and eat. You can buy various things from them, including ice cream and brownies. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes and are delicious.

The baked bear is an effortless place to eat out. You can buy various things from them, including brownies and ice cream sandwiches. They come in several different sizes and colors and are so delicious.

The Baked Bear Menu

The Baked Bear is a great place to go if you want something sweet but want it more fun than your average ice cream shop. You can choose from a wide variety of ice creams, brownies, waffles, and biscuits here.

The Baked Bear Neighborhood-

This is a great place to go to for those living in London. It has a vast collection of brownies, waffles, and ice creams, making it much better than going to a regular ice cream shop. The baked bear also sells biscuits and brownies, so if you like sweet food and ice cream, this is the perfect place for you.

This company has found a way to combine its two most popular treats into one and is now very successful because of it.


The Baked Bear is a great place to go if you love ice cream and brownies. The quality of the food is excellent, and the service is excellent.

The website also has a good selection of different kinds of food, and you can choose from so many different flavors. Their personal service is also excellent and keeps people coming back for more.

Although this company may not be in your neighborhood, it is still worth trying out because of how delicious the ice cream and brownies are.