Sarah Ziolkowska Wiki, Personal Affair, Fame, Controversy, and Wedding.

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Sarah Ziolkowska


Being in a show was a very big priority for Sarah at that point in her life. According to Sarah Ziolkowska, Nathan and she both knew they need to take care of their careers.

It was while they were working together on their TV show that they decided to have children.

About Sarah Ziolkowska

According to Sarah Ziolkowska, they did everything they could to ensure that their careers would take off.

They moved to LA, Nathan got cast in a TV show and she started working on a TV show. After a while of working on the shows, it hit them that it was time for them to have kids.

Soon after realizing that there was no reason for them, they both decided to find out whether she was pregnant. It was then that Sarah Ziolkowska found out she was pregnant.

 After a little while, they decided to keep the baby and start a family in Canada. Sarah Ziolkowska, after giving birth, booked an audition for another Canadian TV show called Boondocks. This was Greg’s first TV show as an executive producer and it was quite a success on air.

 It was from this  Boondocks  TV show that Greg’s career took off. In a short period of time, he went ahead to produce for the show called Little Mosque on the Prairie.

 Sarah and Nathan got married in 2008

 Sarah and Nathan got married in 2008 when Nathan was caste in a TV Show called Nathan.

After getting married, they started working together on their new show called  Nathan for You.

It was about a year after their first child, MacKenzie was born. That they decided to start looking for a house. They got a lot of help from realtor Thérèse Gosselin who provided them with a lot of home advice which they would take back to Canada and apply in the city of Victoria.

 It is through their house search in Victoria that they found out that there was not much demand for luxurious waterfront homes on the island of Vancouver Island.

 In 2013, Nathan got cast in a TV show

 In 2013, Nathan got cast in a TV show called Bunk which was an off-shoot of their old show called Nathan for you. Sarah Ziolkowska played a major part in the show as well.

It was a few months after the showing of their performance on this show that they filed for divorce. A few months after that, they were officially divorced with custody being shared by both parents.

Sarah Ziolkowska has moved on with her life and is now married to CAA Agent, David Flynn. The couple has a daughter named Mary Frances and a son named  John Henry.

 Sarah is not working on any show at the moment because she said that acting did not really feel right at this point in her life. She wants to focus on her family first before she goes back to work.

 Sarah Ziolkowska looks really good and seems healthy to me. I hope for the sake of her kids that she gets back into work as soon as possible.

Sarah still keeps in touch with her ex-husband who is currently dating food stylist and fellow actress Nicola Brander. Nicola and Nathan met on the set of the TV show called  Nathan for You and have been secretly dating ever since then.

Married Life Of Sarah Ziolkowska

According to Sarah Ziolkowska, Nathan and Nicola are a great couple and she is happy for them.

They played the role of regular people who from time to time get into awkward situations that are filmed for the purpose of comedy. It 

Nathan for You was a TV show created by  Nathan Fielder who played the role of the main character that helps his friends with business advice by setting them up in a situation that ends up making their business fail miserably.

 Sarah Ziolkowska said that the show is a perfect example of the saying that work and family don’t mix well. Apparently, this was one of the reasons why she wanted to get out of the entertainment business so she could focus on her family and be a full-time mom.


She is married to a fellow Canadian TV Actor who is widely known for playing in CSI: Miami and The Mentalist . Sarah Ziolkowska, who at some time was single, is married to her American husband David Flynn.

 David Flynn is a very talented actor who has worked on some TV shows like  The Mentalist  and  CSI: Miami . The couple shares custody of their kids and it seems that they are both happy with the arrangement. The couple is also very private about their personal lives.

 They have been dating since before their divorce was finalized. It was about two years after Sarah and Nathan’s divorce that she met her future husband David.

 It was in 2008 that Sarah Ziolkowska and her husband got married. The couple has been married for about a decade and they are still as happy as ever. They seem to be very dedicated to their kids and each other which is why they have been able to stay together through the first decade of their marriage at the same time raising 3 children together.

However, their first marriage did not last long and they divorced in 2013. They got married on February 10, 2008 and got divorced on July 24, 2013.

Sarah Ziolkowska has 3 children

They have 3 children; Mary Frances who was born in 2009, Alexander David Flynn who was born in 2011, and John Henry Flynn who was also born in 2012.

 Although this setup seems to be very successful for them, it could be because they live a very private life.

Mary Frances Flynn is a Canadian actress who has started appearing in some of her mother’s movies. She plays her mother in the movies Sarah Ziolkowska’s movies as well as Little Mosque on the Prairie.

The first movie in which she appeared was  Little Mosque on the Prairie which was an 8-part series that ran from 2009 until 2011.

Sarah Ziolkowska said that she is a very talented actress who can portray anything that she sees on screen.


Sarah Ziolkowska is trying something new which is helping others deal with their personal issues and problems. Apparently, she has found her real passion which is helping other women in need.

Sarah Ziolkowska, who got divorced in 2013 from her husband Nathan Fielder, has started a new career as a life coach and has started using the name “Sara Z”.

Sarah Ziolkowska who is known for playing the part of a therapist to Fielder, who played a main character in the TV show “Nathan for You” is starting a new career as a life coach.


Sarah Ziolkowska is a talented Canadian actress who is not only famous for her acting skills but also for her amazing sense of style and chic… I

Sarah Ziolkowska is an amazing woman who is not only beautiful but also very talented at what she does. She has had an amazing career in the entertainment industry and although she may not be as well known as other actresses, I think it’s safe to say that she was more than just a pretty face on a screen…

Sarah Ziolkowska is an amazing woman who has managed to balance her personal life with her career.