Putin mocks West, says Russia is gaining from Ukraine conflict

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Putin mocks West,


Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed Western protests of Russia’s actions in the Ukrainian crisis. And said, ‘We are gaining from this.’ He went on to say that the West is ‘still looking for allies to fight us…Europe doesn’t exist anymore. America is a thing of the past. We have pushed it away’.

Meanwhile, Russian troops are continuing their occupation of eastern Ukraine. In response Kiev says they’re ready to fight back against any military action by Russia. US Secretary of State John Kerry has urged Moscow to end its occupation of Crimea. And withdraw its forces from Ukraine’s border regions with Eastern Europe but his advice was dismisse. President Putin has said he has the right to invade Ukraine if there is a threat to Russians. Meanwhile the West’s relations with Russia have worsene as further sanctions against Moscow were implemente yesterday. This follows the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, killing 298 people on board.

Putin responds that it was not a mistake, but done on purpose. “The adults are coming to take back their children’s future,” he said, as reported by ABC.. He also says that another major world war could be start from Ukraine. “We are being drag into this severe situation, there’s nothing good in it.”

“It wasn’t us who made Russia a threat,” he says. “We are being accuse of all the evils in the world. They are even targeting our children and grandchildren.”

He added that the West is “looking for allies to fight us”. And says that Europe is no longer an important entity. “Europe doesn’t exist anymore. America is a thing of the past,” he says, as reporte by ABC.. He also said that Europe has “become a colony of the United States.”. He said that today, it’s China, India, and Russia that are an example to follow.

Putin also said that while Western countries will continue to blame him. They should ask themselves if they shouldn’t be blame for not having done anything. With their protestations early on in time.

Russia is gaining from Ukraine conflict

Russia is gaining from the ongoing Ukrainian conflict.

In the wake of Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill that would allow him to send troops into Ukraine if needed.
The Prime Minister of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, said Russia has already sent an unspecified number of troops to regions near the border with Ukraine in order to “ensure stability.”
Russia’s support for embattled separatist forces helped them take control over parts of eastern Ukraine and discard the ceasefire. But analysts fear that Russia’s growing involvement could lead to a renewed possibility for conflict or even war with NATO countries.