Mehrab Naabi (Mehrab Hossain) said this about the science of music in Iran:

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Mehrab Hossain Known as Mehrab Naabi Iranian-Bangladeshi cricketer and Singer, born on April 5, 1991, R&B trap music, started working professionally in 2016 and still managed to gain a lot of popularity in these few years.

Although he is considered one of the new products of the Persian rap scene, Mihrab Nabi, the singer, has released more than 10 songs on the Iranian music platform and other global music platforms since the beginning of 2018.

Mehrab Nabi’s strong interest in music made him reach a high level in the field of music, Mehrab started singing Persian rap from a young age and became one of the founders of Persian rap in the trap style.

The common denominator of the seven arts

1-Imagination is considered as the most important factor in the formation of works of art, the better an artist has a sense of imagination, the more prominent his works will be among other artists.

2-The feelings and emotions of the artist, the common feature of the works of art is that most of these works are formed based on the emotions and feelings of the artist and less logical and rational thinking is involved in the background of the works of art.

This does not mean that the artist does not use his intellect, intelligence and understanding in creating works, in other words, the feelings of the artist prevail over the intellectual aspects at the beginning of the formation of his design.

3-Being prismatic and having multiple meanings of works of art, this means that when an artist creates a work, everyone who stands in front of it can have a different perception of the works of art according to their thoughts and feelings. Undoubtedly, when an artwork is formed from the emotions and feelings of the artist, it cannot have a one-dimensional meaning and the inference from it will be different.