Max Pogorelyy joins the ranks of the world’s top 10 family nutritionists in 2022

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Max Pogorelyy, a nutritionist from Kidsbe Edtech Startup, has created a unique nutrition program for the whole family, becoming one of the world’s leading nutritionists in 2022.

Pogorelyy’s unique methodology Mealsly for calculating a balanced diet stands on 14 scientifically proven parameters and is based on hundreds of the latest scientific studies and recommendations from the world’s leading universities specializing in the study of nutrition: University College London, University of Copenhagen, London University School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, New York University Steinhardt, Cornell University, University of Milan, Boston University, Purdue University, University of Hohenheim, University of Sydney, Saint Louis University.

Over the past three decades, many breakthroughs have been made that have made nutrition almost an exact science. But most practicing nutritionists have not noticed this and continue calculating diets based only on the number of calories and the balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. 

This approach has long been outdated and has shown its inefficiency. Max Pogorelyy’s Mealsly is based on revolutionary achievements in nutrition science. He uses 14 different parameters to calculate a balanced diet, allowing him to make a tailor-made diet for each client. Such diets adjust the metabolism disturbed by years of malnutrition and make it possible to achieve a particular client’s goals as easily, quickly, and effectively as possible: reduce or increase weight, increase energy, improve psychological state, or cure diseases.

Therefore, adults with a wide range of requests turn to Max every day: from building a balanced diet for fitness goals to therapeutic nutrition for various diseases (pre-diabetes and diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, cholesterol disorders, allergies, gout, etc.).

Usually, Max’s clients (before they met him) have already tried to eat according to ready-made prescription programs or use calorie counters, but they did not achieve what they wanted.

People understand that to achieve the desired goals, they need to build the proper diet. However, given the vast level of inconsistency in the information available on the Internet, such a diet, in addition to being strictly individualized, must also be scientifically substantiated. That is what Max gives to his clients, a sense of confidence in the proposed approach and recommendations.

To achieve success, in addition to the correct individual set of products, it is also necessary to introduce their correct combination, distribution by the time of day, drinking, and motor regimens.

Essential factors are also:

1. Step-by-step changes in the diet allow you to rebuild your metabolism slowly. This allows you to change your taste preferences toward healthy foods, avoid breakdowns and feelings of hunger, and keep the results achieved forever.

2. Maximum use of familiar and favorite products so that you eat deliciously during the entire period of transformation of food preferences.

3. Practicality of Max’s diet: It’s easy to create menus at home and in food establishments and change the set of products according to their seasonality and availability, seeing how such changes affect the desired result.

But what is most valuable in Max’s methodology Mealsly is that he works with families in a complex way. Only when mom and dad eat healthy and proper does the child begin to form the right eating habits.

Parents do not know a lot about kids’ food strategies, and therefore, they are worried about how much food they give to children and whether it meets the needs of the child’s body. My methodology aims to help parents create a daily diet, using a set of foods that change depending on the season and focusing on those foods that the child prefers,” says Max.

Among my clients, there are many children with weight disorders (insufficient or excessive), allergic (allergies, dermatitis) diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, with a low immune status (constant colds).

Unfortunately, now in the world, there are some horrifying statistics on children’s health. Between 6 and 9% of children in developed countries are already obese (this percentage has doubled since 2000), and 20-23% are overweight. This leads to a constantly increasing number of autoimmune diseases (allergies, dermatitis, etc.), to an increased susceptibility to infectious diseases and other health disorders. Intrusive advertising, the easy availability of all sorts of unhealthy “sweets,” and the lack of programs for teaching healthy manners have led to the emergence of addiction to sweets, snacks, and fast food in the majority of the child population.

One of my main goals and the goals of the Kidsbe team is to improve these statistics significantly. First of all, by helping make healthy food tasty with effective means of improving the health of children and adults,” Max added.