King Charles Is Too Political for the USA

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King Charles


It’s safe to say that the United States does not share the same opinion about King Charles as the majority of the British people. The reason for this? Charles is highly political, and his views do not fit into with those of most Americans. With Brexit looming and reactions to Charles’ visit to the USA still being felt, it’s clear that America has its own unique take on royals and their role in society. What will happen when different countries have completely different views on a figure like Charles?

King Charles has been criticize for his political views

King Charles has been criticize for his political views. He has voiced his support for the abolition of the monarchy and has spoken out against British policies in foreign affairs. Some Americans feel that these views make him unfit to rule over his own country. Others say that Charles is simply voicing his opinions and that he should not be censored because of them.

Protests are planne in the coming days

As the United States of America continues to grapple with the controversial presidency of Donald Trump. Many are looking to the British monarchy for a model of how to conduct themselves politically. However, while the UK’s monarchy is far from perfect, it is also notably more apolitical than the US government.

Opponents of Trump have taken to the streets in recent weeks. And there are plans for further protests throughout the coming days. But while these gatherings may be spirite and expressive, they fall short of what some call ‘real’ political action.

America has a long history of protest and activism, dating back to the Boston Tea Party and beyond. However, many observers feel that this energy is being squandere in pursuit of short-term gain. Such as forcing Trump out of office or forcing Congress to pass progressive legislation.

There is much that America can learn from its neighbour to the north. Particularly when it comes to how best to harness protest energy for long-term change. In the meantime, protesters should remember that real progress won’t be made without persistence and humility.

What happens if the king is not remove?

If King Charles does not step down, then the United States may face a constitutional crisis. Charles has refused to abide by some of the more liberal rulings of the Obama administration. And he has also made statements which could be considered politically incorrect by some Americans. For example, he has said that he would like to see the end of capitalism and that he supports the French monarchy. If Charles continues to make political statements which cross boundaries. Then it is possible that he will be remove from power. This could result in a constitutional crisis as the United States would no longer have a president. Who was endorse by the king.


After reading this article, it’s clear that King Charles is too political for the USA. His harsh stances on taxation and his desire to break away from the British monarchy. Have no place in a country like the USA, which is built on freedom and democracy. The people of the USA should not be supporting him any longer. And they should shame anyone who does by speaking out against him.