Jay Kelly – Wiki, Biography, Height, Net Worth Profile

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Jay Kelly


You may not know Jay Kelly, but you probably know his songs. Jay has also written and recorded some of pop music’s most iconic hits. In honor of his birthday, here’s a little about one of the best songwriters to come out of Nashville.

His autobiography: Jay Kelly: My Life, My Music (2004), is an autobiography by American singer and songwriter Jay Kelly. The book details the ups and downs of Kelly’s career, from his early days as a struggling musician to his success as a highly-regarded writer.

He’s Written For Several Artists :

Kelly has written dozens of songs recorded by country music stars and pop stars like Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Elvis Presley, and many others. Some of his favorite artists for which he has written songs include Reba McEntire, Ronnie Milsap, Englebert Humperdinck, and Neil Diamond.

He helped produce the song “A Few Old Memories” :

In 2013, Kelly released a theme song for the smash-hit cable TV show Nashville. Kelly co-wrote and co-produced the track, performed by his friend Brad Paisley. The song’s full title is “A Few Old Memories.”

The chorus goes: “[I] can’t tell you why/ I don’t remember much/ But I remember Ricky saying/ If you let me in, I’ll set your heart on fire.

Age: Jay Kelly was born on December 1, 1945, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is also known as Jay Kelly.

He’s Married to Mary Ellen Ryan :

Kelly has been married to Mary Ellen Ryan since December 17, 1968. They have four children: Holly and Holly are twin daughters, born May 3, 1974, and Sarah is a daughter born January 12, 1976. Kelly and his wife also have two older children: Jay Jr. and Elizabeth.

Kelly is married to Mary Ellen Ryan (Maha), who is known as Maha Kelly. They have three children: Holly, Holly, and Sarah.

Holly Kelly (born May 3, 1974) is an American actress, dancer, and writer best known for her roles as Lisa in the film The Wedding Planner (2001), Mrs. Chang in Unbeatable Harold (1993), Mrs. Zuckerman in the movie The Nerd (1992), and as a guest judge on America’s Best Dance Crew.

She was born in Philadelphia, PA, and began her professional career dancing alongside her mother, Maha Kelly, at 6. She made her film debut at 11 and has been acting ever since. Her television appearances include roles on Friends, One Tree Hill, CSI: Miami, and The Carrie Diaries.

Kelly is an American songwriter and producer with a net worth of $700,000.

He Used to Live in Philadelphia:

Kelly was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has lived in Santa Barbara, California, since 2007.

Kelly’s family: Kelly has three children: Holly (born May 3, 1974), Holly (born January 12, 1976), and Sarah Kelly (born January 1, 1980). He also has six grandchildren.

Kelly’s family owns the Maha Kelly Foundation, the official charity of Kelly and his wife, Maha. It is dedicated to supporting families needing financial assistance, like those with cancer and other chronic illnesses. In 2014, they distributed $1.25 million in grants to help families battling life-threatening diseases.

Festivals :

Kelly has performed at the Country Music Association Awards, the Academy of Country Music Awards, the American Music Awards, and the Grammy Awards. He has also appeared in the video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

Spinal cord damage: Kelly was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in 2001. He therefore, underwent a surgical procedure in 2005 to repair the damage.

He wrote the song “I Thank God For The Bible” :

Kelly wrote the song “I Thank God For The Bible,” which American Country Music singer Ronnie Milsap recorded and sent to first place on the Singing News Top 100 songs of all time list.

He Wrote a Few Songs For The Movie Nashville :

Kelly wrote the theme song for the hit cable TV show Nashville. He and country artist Brad Paisley came up with the title track, “A Few Old Memories.” Kelly also co-wrote The Trailer Choir’s recording of “Whippoorwill,” which was heard during the third season. At his request, he was also known as “Joel Katz.”

He Likes Going to Comedy Clubs :

“I’ve always liked attending comedy clubs and watching how people work an audience. I was watching a new comic performing in New York one night and started thinking, ‘I could probably do that.’ But then I thought, ‘no, I don’t want to go on stage and bomb in front of a bunch of people.’”

Awards: Kelly Has Won Twelve Awards From Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI)

Kelly received the BMI Million-air award in 1992 for “Jesus, Take The Wheel.”

He also won the BMI Songwriter of the Year Award in 2007 and 2015.

Songwriter: He also wrote songs with Jeff Franzel for Kevin Fowler’s 2012 album On The Road. They co-wrote two songs, “The One You’re Looking For” and “There’s A Lot Of Things I Miss About You,” both released as singles.

The song “Visions” was used in the 2005 Disney Channel Original Movie Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and its sequel. His song “Dumptruck (Man Against Machine)” was used for the 2000 Disney Channel movie The Other Me. His song “Words” was used for the 2003 Disney Channel movie Teen Spirit. It was also featured in a 2009 ad for L’Oréal Paris’s Visible Lift line of makeup products and an advertisement for the New York Lottery’s “Cash Ball.” His songs “I Like It” and “In The Name Of Love” also featured the 2006 Disney Channel Original Movie Johnny Tsunami.

He likes to golf: Kelly said, “I love to play golf. I also like the freedom of not being tied up with a schedule. Golf allows you to go out, do what you want, and relax.”


Kelly’s popularity peaked in the 1990s, with several hits reaching the top ten positions on the Hot Country Songs charts. He has yet to record another album since 1999 but has continued to perform regularly. His last concert took place in 2011.

Most requested: “He Stopped Loving Him (When He Loved Me),” which was also his breakthrough hit, and a cover of Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind” were respectively the most requested songs of 1998 and 1999.