Festival Babes to Host Fashion Show Highlighting Independent Designers with Community Models

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Music Festivals promote life, love, and community. The music, the sound, the sense of being – togetherness is contagious – where the environment supersedes itself. Friends are fun. Music is therapeutic. So bringing your beautiful babes to your next music festival presents no downside but all the benefits to the proprietors, festival attendees and an empowered festival community. 

The unfortunate reality is that most festivals will go unnoticed by the general public. Even the EDM community hears about one after the fact, left wondering what went on, what went down, and what was missed. FOMO (“Fear of Missing Out”) is confirmed in the space thats’ why The Festival Babes are dedicated to stopping FOMO and celebrating life, music, fashion and joy for the EDM community and beyond. 

The Festival Babes is a network of individuals in the EDM Community. Their vision is “to create unity, empowerment, support, encourage self-expression, and give back through community engagement and marketing.” 

So, how do they elevate the EDM community and create more expansive festival space? The answer: they promote through self-expression and spreading awareness of new fashion in their community for Babes of all shapes and sizes. “We bring our babes to music festivals and events worldwide.” Created on a passion the Babes want to spread and inspire unity, fashion, positivity and love while “creating a safe and accepting community for everyone.” 

Data shows that more females at a music festival help promote safety for female attendees. Beautiful, empowered, self-promoting and confident women at these same festivals promote self-expression through creativity, curiosity, and safety, ultimately leading to higher ticket and apparel sales, boosting the revenue stream and increasing cash flow. All the while, female attendees feel safe, brands big and small get noticed, and the festival reflects the values found in the Festival Babes mission statement.

The Festival Babes are bringing new light to not only the festival community but also the festival fashion industry, by producing a fashion show that highlights independent designers and small businesses. The show will be held this weekend at Imagine Music Festival on September 17, right after the Kaskade pool party. This show is created to create a platform for these talented designers to showcase their designs and show that the festival community sees beauty in all shapes and sizes. The festival will feature Independent brands such as Spunglasses, Suspex, DiscoFreak, Waz Shop, and Clutch Creations. With the rise in the festival fashion community, The Festival Babes not only took notice and created a brand around it but also a safe space for anyone who chooses to be involved. 

Beyond the passion, commitment and values, this is a community that prides itself on being able to express your true self in a safe space – a music festival promotes fashion, relaxation, reassurance and pride. Partnering with The Festival Babes for your next music festival only elevates the experience for attendees, the EDM community, and empowered females seeking self-expression in a safe and inclusive space. The proprietary company is about more than babes. They represent community values often disconnected from real-world space and only found in oneself, their music, and their fashion.

Festival-goers seek an escape from the trials and tribulations of work, school and home. The Festival Babes are not replacing the artists, the venue, or the visitors. On the contrary, they introduce a new experience with proprietary value to elevate satisfaction, enhance oneself, and create a new opportunity. Beauty is not to be hidden, but put on full display to celebrate everyone, embrace music, and bring acceptance and inclusion to the next event. Join The Festival Babes for your next music festival and ride the wave of success.