Embarc Advisors Earns Top Ten Spot Among Leading Investment Banks

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Embarc Advisors, which was recently named one of the top 10 investment banks in the country, is a rare commodity in the world of corporate finance advisory. Its advisors hail from top-tier institutions, its services are accessible, and its commitment to clients is unwavering. It is no wonder that it is being recognized as one of the top firms in the nation.

“Opportunities always exist. It’s just a matter of honing in and finding them,” says Jay Jung, Founder and Managing Partner of Embarc Advisors. “Because we continue to excel at all levels and offer our clients unparalleled service, we have been able to support our clients’ efforts during the current turbulent market period.”

Embarc was recently honored by being named to Axial’s list of the Top 25 Investment Banks in the Lower-Middle Market Investment Bank sector for the second quarter of 2022. Axial is the largest online platform for buying, selling, advising, and financing private companies. It gave Embarc 9th place on the list, placing it among prestigious powerhouse firms including Focus Investment Banking, Woodbridge International, and Market Street Capital.

Embarc’s exceptionally high level of expertise is one quality that allows it to stand out among other institutions in its field.

“When you work with Embarc’s advisors, you get access to talent that was trained at top-tier investment banking and management consulting firms,” says Jay. “Normally, only unicorn startups and Fortune 500 firms have readily available access to ex-Goldman Sachs talent, ex-McKinsey talent, and the like.”

Accessibility is another feature that makes Embarc a compelling option. Its services are available on-demand, with no fixed overhead or monthly commitment. It also does not charge a heavy success fee. Working with Embarc means consuming only as much as you need.

“Since we are not a transaction-fee-based business, we are able to take a white-glove approach on select deal opportunities to drive above market outcomes,” Jay explains. “Our unique business model allows us to support our clients through the entire life cycle of the company.”

By making its talent and expertise available, Embarc levels the playing field for startups and small to medium-sized businesses, providing exactly what is needed to execute M&A deals, raise capital, and drive success. In essence, Embarc provides “Corporate Finance as a Service” at a rate that is surprisingly affordable.

“Buying and selling businesses is a daunting process and not an entrepreneur’s core skill set,” Jay says, “but it is Embarc Advisor’s bread-and-butter. We give you the leverage to focus on your core business while guiding you through the turbulent fundraising journey. Our goal is not just to complete a transaction, but to get you the best possible deal. Too many founders let their guard down when they receive a term sheet from a leading PE firm. We are going to hold your hand and guide you towards a win-win outcome until the very end.”

For private equity and venture capital firms, Embarc provides a team of experienced, well-trained veterans in the fields of investment banking and consulting for financial modeling, presentation work, and research. Smaller firms often need to rely on junior talent, which cannot compare to the high level of execution that Embarc can provide.

Large companies have come to appreciate the ease with which they can tap into Embarc’s high powered analytical resources. When a company needs to build an intricate financial model, conduct intense research, or create a highly compelling investor day presentation, Embarc’s team is able to execute at the highest level under compressed timelines.

Regardless of a business’s size or need, Embarc brings the financial resources of a Unicorn-class finance team at the cost of only a single employee. Whether the need is fundraising, M&A advisory deal support, or financial planning and analysis, Embarc can provide investor presentations, financial modeling and analysis, industry market research, due diligence, and more.

“We are building a disruptive corporate finance advisory firm focused on supporting SMBs, startups, and middle-market firms,” Jay explains. “If your business is looking for expert advice on corporate finance, we provide invaluable resources that are ready to hit the ground running.”