Check Out Bills Cafe That Offers Various Meal Options

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Bills Cafe


Bills Cafe is a small chain of restaurants that operates in Southern California. Founded in 2004 by successful restaurateur George Bill, they are known as a “Grown-Up Buffet” and focus on healthy foods and organic produce. They offer customized dishes with an emphasis on providing variety for their customers and catering to various dietary restrictions such as vegan and gluten-free options. Bills Cafe offers several meal options: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bill’s Cafe has a kid’s menu with options for younger customers. Their systems are designed to increase traffic flow and prevent long lines, so it should be relatively easy for you to get in and out of their restaurants reasonably.

Bills Cafe serves vegetarian and gluten-free meals. The staff at Bills Cafes has made arrangements with restaurants to carry meatless products that can be used in their dishes. It means that all of the vegetarian meal options are very healthy and a great option for those with dietary restrictions. Their breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes are creative and delicious. They also have gluten-free options on their menu. The kids’ meals are tasty (I’ve never had anything but the chicken nuggets) but a bit pricier than normal kid’s meals; however, they offer a discounted price when you purchase two kid’s meals.

Bills Cafe Locations

The Valencia location is where I usually go; however, the Hawthorne location is closer to home than Valencia. Both have delicious food and are located close to the 405 freeway. While you can quickly get in and out of both locations, they seem busy. The Valenica location is small and can get crowded if everyone tries to make their way through the small restaurant at once. That being said, the food is delicious, and it’s one of the few places you can get a vegan meal in Orange County.

All the meals are tasty, and you can get them cooked to your liking.

Catering Options

Bills Cafe offers catering services as well. Bills Cafe will deliver your dish to any location you need, whether a business event, an outdoor function, or a home party. These events require a deposit of $250, which Bill’s Cafe will make available once they receive the final payment. They’ll assemble and serve your dish on-site as well. Bills Cafe is a popular catering option; they have helped over 20,000 meals in the last year alone.

Cost: Bills Cafe is a full-service restaurant that offers quite a few dishes, but their food will cost you. Their breakfasts start at $8.75 and can go up to $15.95 for large breakfasts. Their lunches range from $7.95 to $14.95, and their dinners range from $12 to $23. The kids’ meals are from $5-8. If you’re looking for a quick meal that doesn’t cost much, Bills Cafe isn’t for you. However, if you’re looking for an upscale meal with a lot of variety, Bill’s Cafe is a great option (especially for vegan dishes).

In addition to the price, Bills Cafe is reasonably priced with its catering. They’ll deliver your dish, assemble and serve it, and keep costs low by serving a small portion.

Parking: There are many parking options near Bill’s Cafe, so finding one won’t be difficult. However, they don’t have a designated lot or driveway that is easy to access if you have a car. You need to find parking elsewhere (Valencia location should be the most difficult).

Bills Cafe Reviews

Below are several reviews on Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor. If you’d like to submit a review of your own, here’s my Yelp profile.

“My friend went to Bills Cafe recently and loved it. I decided to stop by with her and was blown away by how good their food was. We started with a small bowl of lentil soup. It had a great texture, good taste, and just the right amount of hotness. It was followed by the pita chips that were served with hummus. They were unbelievably crispy and perfect.

My friend got the chilli which was very well balanced in terms of flavour and heat. I got the nachos which were also fantastic! My biggest surprise was how many vegan options they had at Bills Cafe… such as vegetarian lentil burgers and tofu dishes. They have gluten-free options as well.”

“I’d wanted to try Bills Cafe for a while and finally went yesterday! The food was amazing, and I was impressed by their attention to detail. Not long after we ordered, I noticed they had adjusted the dish I thought would’ve given us more food, which I appreciated. We got the grilled vegetable wrap, and it was great.

Other Reviews:

I can’t get over how much food they put in their wraps and how well-stuffed they are! My friend got a breakfast wrap that was also very filling and tasty. I had a salad before we started lunch and enjoyed it as well. The salad was delicious shiitake mushrooms in it and a great dressing. They were accommodating with our requests, including substituting items when we asked them to do so.

The decor was very chic yet peaceful and romantic at the same time. The flow of the restaurant was nice, and we could get in and out easily. Although my friend and I got seated right away, other parties were waiting before us and were seated fairly quickly.”

“This is an amazing restaurant. We went for lunch yesterday with our 2-year-old son.


 All dishes were very tasty, of good quality and beautifully presented. I had a pita wrap with falafel and hummus; my husband had a sandwich, and the little boy had grilled cheese sandwiches. The dessert was amazing! We had greek yoghurt with berry compote and granola ( it was the best taste).

The restaurant has beautiful, original decorations. Large outside terrace where we sat allowed us to keep our child busy on the trampoline while waiting for our order. Great! I’d love to go back with my friends for a romantic dinner.”

“Went here for breakfast this morning, and it was amazing. The service was great, and the staff was very nice. We got the delicious hash potatoes and a mushroom scramble sandwich with a croissant that was so good.