Call Me Anne: A Posthumous Memoir by Anne Heche

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Anne Heche


Photo: EW

The memoir of the late movie and TV star Anne Heche was in the works for the past year and will be released in January 2023. 

Call Me Anne, identified as “part memoir and part self-acceptance workbook,” will consist of personal anecdotes about how Heche earned the showbiz spotlight, her history of childhood sexual abuse, and her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres in the 1990s – a time when they were one of the first openly gay couples in Hollywood. 

The book is a sequel to Heche’s 2001 autobiography Call Me Crazy

“I was labeled ‘outrageous’ because I fell in love with a woman,” Heche said in Call Me Anne, per an excerpt revealed by the Associated Press. “I had never been with a woman before I dated Ellen.” 

The excerpt adds: “I did not, personally, identify as a lesbian. I simply fell in love! It was, to be clear, as odd to me as anyone else. There were no words to describe how I felt. Gay didn’t feel right, and neither did straight. Alien might be the best fit, I sometimes thought.

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“What, why, and how I fell in love with a person instead of their gender, I would have loved to have answered if anyone had asked, but as I said earlier, no one ever did. I am happy that I was able to tell you in this book – once and for all.” 

Heche and Her Connections

New Jersey-headquartered Start Publishing’s president Jarred Weisfeld said in an interview with AP that he inked an agreement with Heche in May, and she gave him a manuscript shortly prior to her demise in August from injuries suffered from a car crash. The star was 53 years old. 

Call Me Anne will reminisce how the star’s Six Days, Seven Nights co-actor Harrison Ford became her mentor, lay out an encounter with disgraced showrunner Harvey Weinstein, navigate her relationship with God, and other personal stories and poems.

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