At 19-Years-Old, This Startup CEO had Raised Over 1 Million Dollars Becoming Venture-Backed for his Unique Investment Sharing Platform

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Entrepreneur and startup CEO Ryan Pace has made a name for himself in the online trading community after raising $1.4 million in funds before turning 20. This tremendous milestone allowed him to be venture-backed by top investors to launch his very own trustworthy source of trading information online.

Pace’s innovation, Involio, is being pitched as the first uniform platform where traders of varying experience levels can become content creators to monetize their investment knowledge. Aspiring traders can then use the platform as the ultimate source to kickstart their investments.

Involio has several key features that set it apart from anything that has come before it. 

A level up from Wall Street Bets

Retail investors were the big story during the pandemic, with ideas, plans, and a frenzy of activity often taking place or being discussed on platforms like Reddit and Robinhood instead of in more traditional arenas. 

And one big question amid the frenzy has been how much the little guys matter. In the GameStop saga, at least, the answer was yes. An army of traders on the Reddit forum r/WallStreetBets helped drive a meteoric rise in GameStop’s stock price, causing a major headache for the short sellers betting against it and banking on the stock falling. 

Involio has taken this idea and propelled it to the next level. “People new to trading get heavily involved in many Discord and Twitter investment communities. I started to see the same things happening over and over again. Users were following creators and having a tough time understanding their investment thesis. I wanted to create a platform where users could easily find actionable investment information. So when you go on a creator’s page on Involio, you see their capital allocation, and in the portfolios, it’s not just sharing they’re in Bitcoin but rather in Bitcoin with a price target of 100k in 1 year, sharing their plan,” Pace shares.

Users signing up to learn more about trading will have access to everything they need to understand an experienced trader’s trading philosophy and strategies. Through Involio, they can access the industry insights, analysis, tips, and portfolios of veteran traders on the platform.

Monetizing investment knowledge 

Experienced traders who want to share and monetize their investment knowledge will benefit from Involio’s well-crafted perks for content creators. Through the innovative platform, creators can conveniently sell their investment strategy through a course tied to their investment portfolio and build communities, enabling them to earn equity for hitting follower count goals. 

Well-versed traders can focus on creating top-notch content for their followers as Involio takes care of the rest: marketing support, optimized landing pages, payment processing, and content hosting and delivery.

For traders, by traders

Pace’s new platform aims to demystify trading and make it more accessible to the average person looking into starting their investments. He also hopes that the platform will allow Wall Street bets users to better share their investments and analyses with the community. Pace encourages, “With Involio, I want to increase financial wisdom globally.

Involio is undoubtedly a startup to watch in the months and years to come.