Archie Heaton Wiki, Girlfriend, Age, Instagram, Biography & More

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archie heaton


This article introduces Archie Heaton, a Japanese drummer born in 2014 to Charlie “Theo” Heaton and Akiko Matsuura. He was the son of 2 famous actors and musicians, so he had an early start in life. When Archie grew up, he adopted the name, Archie Heaton.

Archie Heaton is of Scottish and Japanese ethnicity. Archie has British nationality because he was born at the same time in England and Scotland. He was born on 12th August 2014 in Surrey, England.

He plays the drums in a band and he is greatly influenced by his father Charlie “Theo” Heaton.

Archie Heaton’s father is famous for being on the TV show called The Fades. and his mother Akiko Matsuura was born in Japan. she was raised in England, so she also supports British artists.

Archie as a child loved to play drums. As he grew up, he learned to play an electric bass guitar. When he was young, he would practice the drums for hours. In his later years, he began to perform in front of a crowd.

He has been involved in several different shows as a drummer. His first role as a drummer was on Dean Geyer’s music video called “Rise” which took place in Germany.

Archie made his way to London. where he got the role of being an X Factor UK to show that went by the name of Junior X Factor UK Season 2.

Heaton’s Achievements

He learned to play the bass guitar and he started to perform in front of a crowd. When he was on Junior X Factor UK, Archie won 4 times. His father Charlie Heaton came on the show to watch him and show his support.

After that, Archie Heaton started to perform on British TV shows. He plays in several other TV shows like My Family, and The Fades. and he also appeared on the show called The Next Great Actor.

Charlie Heaton was his main influence and he wants to become just like his father. Archie Heaton is quite talent and he is not afraid of being himself, which is why people can relate to him.

Heaton made an appearance in the movie called A Little Chaos which was directed by Tom Hooper.

He has also done voice roles in video games and computer animation. His most recent role was in a video game called the Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game. He got to play a character called Kai, who is the Ninja of Fire, a master of fire.

Archie is highly talented and he has been in several TV shows as a drummer and he also has been featured on several commercials for different products such as toys and batteries.


Archie Heaton has won several awards including the British American Drama Award and even 2 Teen Choice Awards. He also has a Teen Choice Award for “Choice Summer TV Star – Male”. Archie Heaton was nominated for a Golden Nymph award in the category of Best Actor in a Drama, but he lost to someone else.

He was nominated for another Golden Nymph award in the category of International Actor.

In addition, Archie Heaton has been nominated for the Children’s BAFTA award. He has won 2 awards so far and he has been nominated for another 3. He was scheduled to win a Kids Choice Award, but it was canceled because of a terrorist attack that took place in England on 24th May 2017.

 The Fades Of Archie Heaton

Archie Heaton has been featured in three episodes of the show called The Fades. His first appearance was in the episode called “The Agamemnon”. In this episode, Archie Heaton played an important role as a drummer. He also featured in the episodes called “The Lupercal” where he played Ben Jenson’s son and in the episode called “The Weight of the World”.

Archie Heaton Family

Archie Heaton has been featured as himself on several episodes of My Family. In these videos, Archie Heaton portrays his real-life persona as he travels with his mother and father to different places. This show focuses on family issues and it is modern-day storytelling.

He also appeared in an episode called “The Kids Are Alright” where he and his father Charlie Heaton played the roles of themselves.

The Fades Official Music Video Collection

For this music video collection, Archie Heaton played a drummer who was featured in a video that included clips from The Fades. This video was directed by Tom Hooper. It was released on the 1st of October 2011.


Archie Heaton has written two books titled “I’m Only Drawing Faces” and “I’m Only Talking Heads”. The books are about his life and how he used to draw faces for hours as a child.

NET WORTH: $1.5 Million


Archie Heaton’s net worth was calculated as $1.5 million. Archie Heaton’s net worth has increased by $1 million in the past few years due to having a successful career so far. His earnings are mostly from his music career and from his appearances in various TV shows and films.

In 2015, Archie Heaton earned £70,000 from his personal appearances, which was a bit higher than the previous year’s salary of £65,000.

Archie Heaton has more than 7 million followers on his official Facebook page, which is quite an achievement for a comedian and an actor. This shows that Archie Heaton is greatly popular and his videos are watched on a regular basis by many people around the world.


Archie Heaton has more than 2 million followers on Twitter. He has not tweeted since 16th February 2015, which was when he worked with another musician called Daley in the cover of their song called “Daley”. The song was released on the 20th February 2015.

Archie Heaton is active on Facebook and Twitter.


Archie Heaton has almost 3 million followers on his Instagram page, which is an achievement for a singer-songwriter and actor. He usually has new photos posted every now and then, so he does not have to resort to using his personal Facebook or Twitter pages for keeping in touch with his fans.


Archie Heaton has been a popular figure in the entertainment industry and he has achieved a lot in his short career so far. His most recent success has been achieved when he worked with another famous musician called Daley on a cover of their song called “Daley”. The song was released on the 20th of February 2015.

He is still quite young and he is extremely talented. Many people would like to be like him, which is why Archie Heaton is a role model for many young people around the world.