Apple release the new iPhone 14 with minimal upgrades

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Image Source: Bloomberg

After many rumors, Apple has unveiled the new iPhone lineup during its Far Out live stream. Four new models were introduced this year, as was predicted. However, we’re getting a new iPhone 14 Plus (Yes, It’s Plus and not Max as originally speculated) instead of a new “small” model. The new iPhone 14 and 14 Plus officially debut as the lineup’s entry-level devices, providing only minor enhancements. They are good devices for users upgrading from the iPhone 12 or earlier generations, but they don’t provide much in the way of enhancements above the iPhone 13 series. Apple emphasizes some improvements, including enhanced all-day battery life, dust and water resistance, and refreshed performance. In the end, though, Apple is finally dividing its flagship lineup into “less flagship” and “more flagship,” giving us a tiny boost.

Specifications of the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus

The notch design that debuted with the iPhone X in 2017 will remain on the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, which is of utmost importance. Naturally, it differs from the previous generation; instead, it has a smaller notch similar to the one used in the iPhone 13 series from a year ago. However, it indicates that Apple will continue to use the outdated design language rather than the more elaborate punch-hole design. While some users could be let down, others might not give a damn. In addition to some design updates, the new iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are dust- and water-resistant. The screen size of the new iPhone 14 is 6.1 inches, while the screen size of the 14 Plus is 6.7 inches. Those who have long desired a larger iPhone but cannot afford the Pro Max version may like the later device. Thanks to the usage of ceramic, the screens are also more resilient.

Although performance is unchanged, the camera experience has improved.

Don’t anticipate significant performance changes. Apple will continue to use the A15 Bionic chip. Some Apple enthusiasts who are accustomed to “yearly” performance updates may find that unexpected. The upgrade will be available, but only for the Pro versions. Apple claims that there has been a slight performance improvement, but only real-world use will be able to verify this. Due to this chipset, the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus may not be a fantastic deal for people upgrading from the 13 series.

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The cameras on the latest iPhones have also received some improvements. A new 12 MP main camera with sensor-based stabilization and a brilliant f/1.5 aperture is added. The business claims that the quality of low-light images has improved by 49%. Additionally, the Night Mode is now twice as quick. A new 12 MP TrueDepth camera with autofocus is also available. An updated Deep Fusion image processing is also added to the cameras, resulting in improved color rendering and low light performance. The acronym for this technology is “Photonic Engine.” A new stabilization mode is also being added to video recording. It is referred to as “Action Mode” and employs the entire sensor for stability akin to a gimbal.

As usual, Apple avoided technical specifics while stating that the iPhone 14 has a day’s worth of battery life. This is relative, of course, and depends on your usage. However, the business claims that the battery life on the iPhone 14 Plus is even better.

A modern satellite-based emergency alert system

Additionally, Apple is debuting a ground-breaking satellite emergency system. Additionally, the iPhone 14 and Plus will support it. The corporation will initially make this service available in the US and Canada. However, we anticipate that more areas will receive support in the upcoming months. With this approach, you are still able to send warnings and messages in case of emergencies, even if your device lacks cellular access. After much speculation, this feature is now officially arriving on iPhones.

It’s important to note that the crash detection technology will also be available for iPhones.

The price for the new iPhone 14 starts at $799. The MSRP of the 14 Plus starts at $899. Beginning September 9, preorders will be accepted. The Plus model won’t be released until October, while the iPhone 14 will be out by September 16.