Ahmed Elbatrawy to Boost Abu Dhabi’s Real Estate Sector with New Multi Listing Service from DSP Technology & CoreLogic

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Although globally renowned for its oil sector, Abu Dhabi is gearing toward more sustainable economic growth through Vision 2030, which aims to build an open, efficient, effective, and globally integrated business environment. Through Vision 2030, Abu Dhabi’s government is shifting a greater focus on future knowledge-based industries, making it the center of attention of many investors worldwide.  

Vision 2030’s shift is also leading to a rise in interest in Abu Dhabi’s real estate market as it will inevitably create more job opportunities for various sectors and specializations in the city. As a result, the government is continuing to advance its real estate plans, including all steps and initiatives to progress the industry, allowing Abu Dhabi to be at the forefront of regional and global developments.

Taking advantage of the growing Abu Dhabi real estate market

 DSP Technology Dubai, owned by the real estate expert and visionary Ahmed Elbatrawy, collaborates with CoreLogic to provide a comprehensive array of services to current and potential investors. Through the relationship, DSP Technology Dubai will have the advantage of delivering essential information to buyers and sellers via CoreLogic’s cutting-edge algorithmic technology. DSP Technology Dubai will then utilize its unique selling propositions to assist clients in locating the best properties available on the market, while CoreLogic will provide the necessary data and analytics to assist them in making informed purchasing decisions.

Through the expertise of both companies and Elbatrawy’s extensive experience in the real estate industry, he will be launching the Arab Multi Listing Service (MLS), which will serve as a comprehensive database and a centralized property management system. The MLS will be the one true source for both prospective buyers and real estate professionals.

Ahmed Elbatrawy’s Arab Multi Listing Solutions

 As career opportunities in Abu Dhabi continue to rise and more people are looking into purchasing properties in the city, MLS will provide various helpful resources and tools to assist users in making the best choice possible. In addition, the platform will connect potential homebuyers and investors with global property listings, making it easy for buyers to receive everything they need along the process. This includes tax information and all the necessary paperwork, mortgage calculators, and advice regarding the best time to purchase or rent a property.

“We’re trying to establish a system that matches the United States of America, from the lead system to the technical information, so that we can help and support millions of brokers and consumers in the Middle East and around the world,” says Elbatrawy.

Many investment opportunities will be opening up for investors in the region and worldwide due to MLS. Abu Dhabi’s real estate sector is expected to earn millions of dollars in revenue, making DSP Technology Dubai and its partnership with CoreLogic the definitive source of information for potential investors looking to purchase properties in UAE’s capital city and throughout the Middle East.

About Ahmed Elbatrawy Ahmed Elbatrawy is a highly successful American / Egyptian real estate tycoon and CEO of Multi million dollars DSP Technology Dubai based company .As an innovator and problem solver, and International and multi million dollar producer  real estate leader aims to develop a system enabling consumers and professionals to make informed real estate decisions. His motivation to create the platform came after witnessing the immense potential of the Middle East’s real estate market, which continues to be underutilized due to a lack of regulation.