A Brief Introduction About Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel

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beatrice jean howard gabel



Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel was born on 19th January 2012. She was born to be a celebrity, the daughter of actor Bryce Dallas Howard and director Sean Patrick Malakian.

Beatrice Jean was actually named after her mother’s favorite Shakespearean character Beatrice. Beatrice only had three lines in Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing which means that she has about nothing in common with the character. The name is probably a bit of a concession on Bryce’s behalf to her husband, who doesn’t really like Shakespeare (in fact, he didn’t even attend the actual christening).

Seems like Beatrice is the couple’s third child, after their older sons Theo and Theodore. 20th January 2012 was a good day for this celebrity family. 🙂

An American Baby: Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel

It is common thing to name a baby after an important person in the family. Beatrice John Howard was named after her mother’s favorite actress, the famous and marvelous actress, blonde beauty, and even more important than that, a talented artist, Beatrice Pit-Barrel Howard.

Bryce Dallas Howard who did not bring up her daughter to be a famous artist always wanted Beatrice to be an artist from a small age. On the day of her birth, she herself was invited to come and see the baby.

And in his daughter’s first picture after her birth, Bryce is seen holding Beatrice on a white horse across from a bunch of famous actresses.

Childhood Of Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel

As a child of famous parents, Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel has a lot of work to do, for example, she can learn from her mother and father how to work. They are successful and most legendary movie actors in the world, but even they had to work on a daily basis hard to gain the level of success they now have. They probably want their daughter to be an actor in the future. Who knows what will be waiting for her?

Beatrice can also learn from them how to live a happy life. From an early age, she has had her own horse, and around her are dozens of toys and playmates. She must be a very happy baby.

By the way, Beatrice is an American girl. Not long ago Bryce moved from England to LA ( Los Angeles) with her baby. Who knows in the future maybe she will act in an action movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger or some other Hollywood star.

This celebrity family is becoming more and more popular every day. Bryce, her husband, and her children are very kind people and have a lot of friends. They help a lot of people around the world. In addition, they have fans who love them and their babies, so they regularly publish their pictures on the official site

The newborn Beatrice Jean Howard Gabel and her mother:

On the day of the child’s birth, Bryce Dallas Howard shared the joy with her fans. On Twitter, she put a picture of herself holding her newborn baby. In addition, in a conversation with one of the fans, she said that for now, she feeds babies only milk, so there is not much time to decide on their names.

After a short time when Bryce posted his daughter’s picture on Twitter, his followers began to beg for permission to see it or share it with friends.

The baby Beatrice can also be seen in a photograph with her mother Bryce Dallas Howard and her father Sean Patrick Malakian, who came to Los Angeles from Armenia when he was on a tour.

Beatrice and her family:

The filming of the movie ” The Hunger Games” by Lions Gate Entertainment took place in the United States. Bryce Dallas Howard, Drew Barrymore, and Dakota Fanning are starring in it, while Seymore Butts is directing it.

This movie will be released later in 2012. We are waiting for it. The movie will be a worthy remake of the cult movie though it is known that the heroine is still not the same age as Katniss.

In addition, Bryce Dallas Howard has two movies in pre-production: “Hanna” and “Red Lights”. In the former, she will star with Cate Blanchett, while in the second – with Robert De Niro and Elizabeth Olson.

Bryce Dallas Howard, herself is the daughter of Ron Howard, a famous film director, and actress Cheryl Howard.

The picture of Bryce and Beatrice’s father:

Sean Patrick Malakian is well known to all American rock fans. He played in bands such as System Of A Down, Scars On Broadway, and Zilch.

He was also a guest musician at the concerts of some world-famous musicians. In 2005 he got married to Bryce Dallas Howard, one of his fans.

NET WORTH : 3 Million Dollar

YEARLY SALARY :  $20,000,000.00

VIEWS :  4207

SELLING VALUE : $1.73 Million

BIRTHDAY : 20th January, 2012

Nationality : American

Profession : Actor, Singer, Director, Producer , Composer 

Source of Income : Actors’ Salary 

Languages spoken:

English, Armenian, Russian, American Sign Language: American Sign Language (ASL) – American Deaf Culture (Deaf Community) is the largest community of people who are deaf worldwide. They consist of people from all over the world. People who are Deaf consists of many different nations and ethnicities.

Her mother has four brothers and sisters, Beatrice’s uncle is the actor Al Howard.

Most of her fans know that her mother named her after the character Beatrice from Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”. It was one of her favorite characters because she is so witty. She will always be proud of this fact.

She first appeared in public when she was two months old along with her parents at the Cannes Film Festival in France. The paparazzi took some pictures of them, and since then the paparazzi all over the world watch the famous family 24/7.

She had her first walk at 6 months old in front of all her fans. Her father was so proud, it was a memorable moment for him. At that time she had many pictures taken by the paparazzi who were there making a lot of money from this event.


The sources of income for their family of Howard are her parents, who are directors and actors.

She loves her parents so much, she knows that it is a gift to have them in your life. She respects them and loves them very much and always looks up to them.

The source of income for Beatrice is her famous parents’ career. From a young age, they take care of and train her as if they were her own parents.