WWE Q2 Earnings Beats Expectations

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Image Source: Indian Express

Despite an ongoing misconduct investigation against the recently resigned boss, WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.) outperformed analyst estimates for revenue and earnings during Vince McMahon’s final quarter as CEO and chairman of the board.

The corporation reported a net income of $49 million, up from $29.2 million in the second quarter of 2021, primarily due to improved operating results. In addition, following the reintroduction of live events, WWE’s net income increased to $66.1 million in the most recent quarter from $43.8 million in the first quarter of 2021.

In the second quarter of 2022, WWE’s revenue rose by 24% to $328.2 million. During the earnings call, WWE’s chief financial and administrative officer, Frank A. Riddick, stated, “our income grew substantially due to the return of a full schedule of live events.”

WWE’s operating income jumped by 50% to $69.3 million as revenue and profitability rose. According to Riddick, this rise was caused mainly by greater event-related costs linked to the resumption of live event traveling and higher production costs linked to the development of the yearly WrestleMania. As a result, the operating income margin for WWE went from 17% to 21%.

During the earnings call, Riddick talked about the current inquiry into McMahon’s alleged misbehavior. According to Riddick, Vince McMahon’s alleged wrongdoing was looked into by a special committee made up of the independent board of directors members. In addition, the amended financial filings include $19.6 million in unreported expenses for Vince McMahon’s personal payments made between 2006 and 2022.

The payments were recorded because they were made by a significant shareholder and were viewed as having benefitted the firm, despite the fact that they had no monetary impact on WWE operations, according to Riddick. In addition, Riddick stated that McMahon would cover the $1.7 million cost linked with some expenses the business has incurred related to the probe.

The 42-year-old company’s profits report arrived just as it was about to extend the U.S. media rights to two of its most well-known shows, Raw and SmackDown.

During the call, Nick Khan, the co-CEO of WWE, remarked, “as everyone knows, the marketplace has become even more crowded with purchasers.” “Deep-pocketed tech companies’ interest has never been higher. After the launch of their advertising tier, we think Netflix’s interest in live broadcasts increased. Khan stated that he plans to enter the streaming market, imitating the NFL, MLS, and Formula One.

Possibly the end of and era at WWE

The abrupt termination of McMahon’s 40-year tenure as WWE’s CEO and chairman followed revelations that he had given four female workers $15 million in hush money. At the end of July, the 76-year-old CEO resigned from his position as CEO. With 81.1% of the voting rights and a 38.6% ownership stake in the company’s outstanding stock, McMahon continues to be WWE’s largest shareholder.

Since the investigation began, the company’s stock price has increased by around 9%, which can be attributable to rumors that WWE may be for sale.