Sherri White Launches The Galentine’s Day Gala to Connect and Empower Women in Business

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Female entrepreneurs have risen victorious in many industries. But, while many have received recognition as individuals, Sherri J. White saw a disconnect among women in business due to the absence of an avenue that aims to bring them closer together. Seeing how many women like herself had the genuine desire to meet and connect with like-minded females, Sherri championed The Galentine’s Day Gala.

The Galentine’s Day Gala is a premier event curated for female entrepreneurs. With a visual and stimulating awards show, the experience aims to celebrate and honor women who are generating waves in their respective industries, on a mission to empower them further to do more regardless of their positions, whether they are entrepreneurs, corporate executives, administrative personnel, and many others. The Galentine’s Day Gala also brings like-minded women into one elegant and luxurious setting, allowing them to broaden their network and connect with female industry leaders across the globe. 

“In five years, I see The Galentine’s Day Gala being an accolade to achieve for most women,” said the founder. “Being a nationally known event that women strive to be a part of each year. Being on a level, so grand that it isn’t easily duplicated and hard to breach. Being an impactful, significant event that women from all over the world strive to participate in or be a part of.”

The Galentine’s Day Gala offers invitations to women who are taking the lead and thriving in their careers. It is an event where women can share their views with empowered females, grow their circle, propel their social status, or collaborate with possible business partners. Sherri wanted the event to resemble a modern-day sorority house where members are not only verified through a list but are made to feel that they are part of a sisterhood, a community that is always willing to help others within the community, upholding a mission statement centered around connection, honor, and value, the three core objectives of the brand. 

“The Galentine’s Day Gala highlights women in business who are paving the way for other women. Similar to a Grammys or other high-profile awards show, The Galentine’s Day Gala is a true experience. From the red carpet filled with the media, photographers, and journalists hoping to score an interview with top-tier Women in Business nominees to the lavish, elaborate awards show boasting innovative decor and visually stimulating elements that allow each guest to be overwhelmed with luxury,” Sherri explained. 

Asked about the story behind her drive to push The Galentine’s Day Gala to the summit of success, Sherri shared that, for the longest time, she struggled to find people who share the same values as she did; people who boast substance without arrogance.

“I decided to create my brand because I knew there was no way I was the only person going through this. Having the urge to connect with and assist like-minded women, but always being met with those who were the complete opposite. I always knew creating my brand on a foundation of substance and realness would ultimately attract those with the same qualities to look for the same thing. You can’t measure a relationship with a person based on what they do and do not have, but you can base it on if your morals, ethics, belief systems, and values align.”