SEASICKWAVY Ten Years Later After X Factor Success

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A handful of the famous stars in the music and entertainment industry are products of competitions that put their talents to the test. Some contestants in music competitions vanish into thin air after not being able to get as far as they should be. Then there are some mavericks like Anthony Edward Caruso, also known as SEASICKWAVY, who make a bold comeback in the industry. 

Anthony Edward Caruso is a musician, barber and actor. He was on X Factor from 2011-2012, and after ten years of joining the singing contest, he came back as SEASICKWAVY. Throughout his career he went on numerous west coast tours alongside well-known musicians like Wiz Khalifa, Kap G, Lil Mosey, Blackbear, 24kgoldn, Yung Pinch, WIFISFUNERAL, Autumn! and Lil Peep. He went from living in mobile homes as a child with minimal food to purchasing a house in Irvine, California and earning six figures. Hard effort and consistency transformed his life tremendously. Regardless of what others thought, he never quit.

The artist appeared on The X Factor and went through three months of auditions after making three rounds before getting kicked off in the big concert in Los Angeles at USC, with over 10,000 people in attendance and millions more watching from home. But since then, SEASICKWAVY has been working non-stop to build up his momentum, writing poetry and songs for a growing fan base.

Anthony was born on January 9, 1991. His mother raised him for most of his life, while his father was in jail for drug addiction. SEASICKWAVY taught himself to read and write through writing and receiving letters from his father. The artist’s mother was emotionally and physically abusive, declaring 51/50 at one point after repeated suicide attempts. That resulted in tremendous emotional upheavals for SEASICKWAVY, but the musical artist started to put his experiences into lyrics. He started creating songs like “Jiminy Cricket,” one of his most successful tunes, in which elements of his life were brought to life.

SEASICKWAVY’s musical inspiration began when he performed for the first time before a massive crowd. That experience, plus the audience’s applause, encouraged him to keep working harder. Anthony knew what he wanted to do after that— pursue music full-time. The artist is famous for his hit singles “Pesos” with KAP G and “Hold Me Down” with Daddex. Layzie Bone co-signed him at the age of eighteen, opening up his professional music career and putting him on an inevitable road to musical success. The musician would also get into acting later on, with his ability gaining recognition back in 2016 when he signed with an actor’s agency.

After getting recognized and turning down several labels, he opted to stay independent, build a reputation for himself. Throughout his career, he has played live at various events and opened for a number of well-known musicians, including Waka Flocka, Sugar Free, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Gucci Mane and others.

As SEASICKWAVY expands his fan base and network, he hopes to attract more individuals who are interested in music, TV, or a wonderful tale about an X Factor participant. And what distinguishes him from other musicians is his great sound, which ranges from hip hop to alternative and showcases a wide range of abilities and craftsmanship. SEASICKWAVY is a multifaceted performer that has the ability to wow an audience.