Megan Thee Stallion Drops Traumazine

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Photo: NME

Megan Thee Stallion has released her latest album, Traumazine.

The superstar revealed the album cover and track listing earlier this week, saying details have been leaked.

“From my cover art, pieces of my track list and me even hearing a part of a song I haven’t dropped yet leaking (and we ALL know who the only ppl who had access to all these PRIVATE links are..) I might as well….lol,” she tweeted, revealing the tracklist and masterpiece. 

Traumazine offers 18 tracks and guest collaborations with Dua Lipa (“Sweetest Pie”) and Future (“Pressurelicious”). It also features Latto, Pooh Shiesty, Rico Nasty, Jhene Aiko, Lucky Daye and more. 

Thee Stallion said in an interview with Rolling Stone that the album is overflowing with different vibes.

“I want to take you through so many different emotions,” she told Rolling Stone. “At first, you was twerking, now you might be crying.” 

Before releasing the album news last Thursday, Thee Stallion took to Twitter to express her gratitude to her “hotties” for the love and support she received during what she called persistent problems with the label before the release. 

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Traumazine Issue

Additionally, she sent a message to her fans saying, “We almost out,” and referred to the album as the “last one” – relating to her contract with 1501 Certified Entertainment. 

“Y’all know I always have problems with dropping my music under this label,” she said. “[A]ll these games and having to go to court just to put out my art has been so stressful.” 

Thee Stallion is still committed to 1501 Certified Entertainment, with whom she clashed in court earlier this year. 

In the legal proceeding, 1501 accused Thee Stallion’s mixtape release on October 2021, Something for Thee Hotties, did not satisfy the definition of an album, and this did not meet the requirement of her contract. 

But the release for Traumazine indicates the album’s subject material will take a more serious tone compared to her celebratory debut album, Good News

When asked about the writing process of the album, Thee Stallion stated that it was “very hard” to “[say] certain things you’ve never said out loud before.” 

Thee Stallion then revealed a trailer for Traumazine, which runs for 20 seconds, where she is in a rainy funeral and puts a rose on top of a casket.

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