Kathy Hilton May Be Living Under a Rock: She Did Not Recognize Lizzo

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Kathy Hilton


Photo: Bravo TV

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress Kathy Hilton has no idea who Lizzo is, and it became apparent in an awkward moment on this week’s episode of Watch What Happens Live!

During a game called “Will Kathy Know Them?” where Hilton sought to identify many famous people, the reality TV actress proved that she did not know them.

Hilton, 63, could not correctly identify photos of Ryan Reynolds or Justin Timberlake. And before that, in an episode on Wednesday, she didn’t know who Melissa Etheridge was.

Later in the game, an image of Lizzo showed up.  “I feel like I do [know her],” Hilton stated ahead of saying, “Precious?” She was pointing out to Precious movie actor Gabourey Sidibe, who is obviously not Lizzo. 

The room was filled with laughter from the audience, the crew, host Andy Cohen holding his cue cards in front of his face and guest Crystal Kung Minkoff, who is one of Hilton’s co-stars in Real Housewives.

Hilton got a few glances from the people behind the bar, Greg Mathis Jr. and Elliott Cooper, who are the stars of Matis Family Matters and are also Black.

39-year-old Minkov tried to hide behind a safe reply. 

“She is precious, though. Lizzo is precious,” she stated. 

“That’s what I call her! Her nickname is Precious, to me,” Hilton responded. 

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Hilton Under Fire for the Mix-Up

The video footage was not officially delivered by Bravo – and we know why – however, viewers at home have been capturing and reposting the clip on social media. 

Meanwhile, Hilton was not aware of the identities of the celebs. But she received backlash for her mistake in identifying the Black women. 

Nina Parker, host of E!, took to Twitter to tell her two cents on the matter: “Black women are not here to be the butt of your jokes. TF is this?” 

Other celebs have spoken up about the matter, including Kalen Allen, an internet personality. 

“When Precious came out, a lot of people used the character’s name as a derogatory label to fuel their fatphobia and to bully. So no, I don’t think that it’s funny that Lizzo, home minding her own business, had to watch herself be called Precious in front of millions on live tv,” he said. 

Lizzo and Sidibe have not released any statement regarding the matter.

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