How Trey Lance responded to Jimmy Garoppolo’s 49ers pay cut

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Trey Lance jersey number 5, a former first round pick for the Carolina cougars and current NFL agent, has responded to news of Jimmy Garoppolo’s pay cut with the SF 49ers.
The 49ers keeping Jimmy Garoppolo in Santa Clara wasn’t bad news for Trey Lance, trainer Kyle Shanahan believes. In fact, it was quite the contrary.

While rumors have swirled about Trey Lance’s job security since the plan’s for Garoppolo’s future were made public, Shanahan participated that there’s no question that the two quarterbacks will peacefully– and indeed happily– attend.

“ When I told Trey that Jimmy was going to come back it’s like, ‘ stupendous, ’” Shanahan said via conference call on Tuesday. “‘ That dude was stupendous for me last time. I ca n’t stay to be the same way. ’ Trey was great. ”

Shanahan detailed the timeline of how plans to keep Garoppolo evolved, and the trainer kept his youthful quarterback informed from the launch. The plan for Garoppolo to return as the backup was veritably clear and eventually the only option.

“ Trey and Jimmy have a great relationship, ” Shanahan said. “ lance actually likes having Jimmy in the structure. Trey was veritably thankful how Jimmy was to him last time and we feel veritably explosively from the two people, that Jimmy will give that back to Trey this time. ”

Garoppolo has been an illustration of calm and collect no matter the situation. In 2021, when the 49ers informed him of their plans to move up in the draft to elect their unborn ballot quarterback. The stager took it all in stride, won the starting part, and helped prepare his youthful teammate.

Now, with places reversed, Shanahan believes that the 49ers’ quarterbacks room will remain the positive terrain it was in 2021.

“ I suppose they like being around each other, ” Shanahan said. “ They enjoyed each other last time despite the fact of they were contending, especially in training camp. They were really good with each other. I suppose Jimmy once he did get that starting part, he enjoyed Trey all time. ”

Shanahan was adamant that Garoppolo’s return isn’t an suggestion that Lance’s part is at all in question. Shanahan simply believes keeping the stager was stylish for all parties involved, including theNo. 3 overall selection of the 2021 NFL Draft.