Explore The Top Dim Sum Palace in Market Today

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Dim sum palace


The best dim sum palace on the market are filled with an enormous variety of mouth-watering dishes, which is why they have become so popular in cities worldwide. Whether you’re interested in a large selection of Shanghai cuisine or want to try authentic Cantonese options, there are hundreds of restaurants to choose 

1. Ocean Star Seafood Restaurant

Ocean Star Seafood Restaurant serves up some of the best dimsum palace on the market. Orders are placed on a cart, which is pushed behind your table, and you can pick and choose from a wide variety of dishes. The menu features over 60 choices, and there is something for everyone at this restaurant. This place is also open 24 hours, which makes it the perfect late-night spot the night before you catch an early morning flight out of Hong Kong International Airport.

The name says it all for Ocean Star Seafood Restaurant; it’s all about the food, not the decor. There are over 1,200 food and drink items on the menu.

They offer both Chinese and Western-style dining options. Both menus include tons of dim sum dishes you can order off the cart. They also have a special dinner menu with a vast selection of dishes to choose from. It includes over 20 different seafood and meat dishes.

The pricing is very reasonable, and the portions are enormous. If you’re on a budget, you can make a whole meal out of dim sum trolleys alone.

The staff is quick and efficient, which is hard to find when dining in a restaurant with this many options to choose from. You’ll find that the servers come by to fill up your drink glasses within minutes of them getting low.

Ocean Star Seafood Restaurant has a spotless interior, and the decor resembles a hospital cafeteria. Unlike other dim sum restaurants, they don’t have a separate entrance; you can come in through the main door, which gives it a less formal feel. The ceiling is low, and you must walk under several tables to get inside.

The dining area is accessible by wheelchairs, and free parking on site.

2 . Tim Ho Wan – Best Dim sum Palace

Tim Ho Wan is a Michelin star restaurant known for its famous dim sum trolleys reminiscent of the many Chinese bakeries and carts you’ll find throughout Hong Kong. They’ve been featured on the Food Network and were rated one of the top 20 restaurants in the world by Time Out Magazine in 2011.

The wait times can vary depending on the time of day, but usually, you can enter the restaurant within 20 minutes and be seated. You’ll find a massive crowd waiting outside in the warmer months because there isn’t an air conditioner.

Inside Tim Ho Wan, you’ll see two colossal glass display cases filled with dim sum trolleys. The best part about this restaurant is that if you want to order off their dim sum menu, you don’t have to order off the takeaway menu like most restaurants. So you don’t have to worry about missing out on some of their most popular items.

A server takes your order and then one of the dim sum chefs will bring the item to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from your server or the chefs; they’re always happy to guide you through the extensive menu.

The food tastes fantastic and is very authentic; this is one of the oldest dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong. The prices are also very reasonable.

If you’re not sure what you want to order, we recommend ordering a few different things so you can try a bit of everything. Ask your waiter or the chef if you want to get some recommendations. They’ll be happy to help.

Tim Ho Wan is located in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, and there is a small shopping plaza across the street with several restaurants and an outdoor market with mini trolleys for sale if you’re interested in purchasing one of your own.

3 . King Wah

King Wah is a Michelin star restaurant serving up an array of dim sum dishes you can order off carts. It looks like a small corner store, but the food is phenomenal. The staff is quick, efficient, and happy to answer any questions about the menu. They’ll also show you how many ways you can prepare each dish, if interested.

King Wah is located in Kowloon and has expanded from the original location into several more locations around Hong Kong.

The menus are filled with pictures, making ordering easy, even if you don’t read Chinese. They’ve also been featured on the Food Network in shows such as “Mouth Watering Escapes.”

King Wah is one of the more expensive restaurants on our list, but the prices are still very reasonable compared to other locations with similar ratings. One of their most popular dishes is Steamed Mini Squid with Sweet Vinegar and Pickled Ginger.

4. Wahnam

Wahnam is a traditional Dim Sum palace that’s popular with locals. If you’re in the area, it’s a great place to grab some dim sum before heading out to wander around the city. The menu changes daily, but you can always order off the trolley and try different things to get an idea of what’s popular and what looks good.

Made famous for Cantonese-style rice noodles, Wahnam serves up traditional dim sum dishes with these noodles.

The restaurant is very clean and has a wide range of food choices that include many vegetarian options. The dim sum chefs will use the freshest ingredients to prepare your dish.

They have many alcoholic beverages, including specialty beers, wine, and sake. They also offer several different types of tea.

5. Noodle Factory

Noodle Factory is an open-air restaurant located in the Shek Kip Mei area of Hong Kong. If you go in the summer months, expect to deal with some busy traffic due to the construction of the metro area.

The restaurant is at the top of an escalator with plenty of seating so you can sit back and enjoy your food. You’ll probably want to be seated first before ordering food because many people are waiting for their chance to order off the trolley. It is rare in Hong Kong because most restaurants only have a traditional menu.

The noodles are actually made with pasta, not rice. We recommend ordering the Food “D” Trolley since it’s one of their most popular items. It’s filled with a variety of traditional Chinese dim sum dishes and is an excellent idea for those looking to try many different things.

This dim sum restaurant is often featured on television shows that feature food in Hong Kong, so you’ll probably see other locals in line for these mixed plates as well.

6 . Yung Kee

Yung Kee is a famous dim sum palace in Central that stands out for its extensive array of colorful trolleys. They have more than 5000 different dishes from which you can order all day long.

The restaurant has been open for several decades; the owners are incredibly lovely and popular with the locals. The decor is old school, with large vases and chandeliers on the ceiling. It’s effortless to see why it’s so popular.

Yung Kee is located near Hong Kong Park, and this location is highly recommended if you’re looking for dim sum in Central Hong Kong.


Hopefully, this post has helped you decide where to have dim sum in Hong Kong. It’s a beautiful city that’s very easy to get around with the subway system.

There are many things to do in Hong Kong, so if you’re planning a trip and want to get your restaurant reservations in advance, feel free to check out OpenTable.