Entrepreneur Oksana Pali Launches iPhone Photography Course to Benefit Ukraine

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With unfortunate recent projections suggesting only more bad news to come in relation to the war in Ukraine, a silver lining can be found among the efforts of the Ukrainian native and American entrepreneur, Oksana Pali.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Pali has had her life turned upside down as the slow paced war with Russia continues taking the lives and freedom of millions of innocent souls. At the start of these turbulent times, Pali was plagued with the fear and task of getting her father out of Ukraine and back to safety in the United States.

“My first and most vivid memory was calling my father and begging him to come stay with me here where it was safe, and hearing explosion after explosion in the background. To say it was horrifying would be an understatement. I had never felt so helpless,” said Oksana.

Once getting her father to safety in the United States, Pali reframed her focus to a humanitarian mission that could bring salvation back to the home she once knew. Pali wasted no time in creating her philanthropic organization, The Oksana Pali Foundation. The Oksana Pali Foundation opened up a multitude of different outlets for those who sought to help Pali in her endeavors for Ukraine.

Among these endeavors, Oksana has recently announced the launch of an opportunity that seeks to benefit, inform and inspire with her new iPhone Branding Photography Course. For those who have been looking to improve their photography skills and elevate their personal brands, this course could very well serve as a necessary stepping stone to achieving their own dreams.

As an award-winning photographer, Pali is widely renowned for her ability to bring out the compelling and ethereal aspects of each of her clients. With her new virtual photography course, she can share these talents with fellow dreamers and humanitarian visionaries like herself.

“Oksana’s passion and determination is so apparent in her work. She has a way of making people feel so comfortable and confident in front of the camera, and is able to capture beautiful shots that are so natural,”- said Neda Varbanova

Oksana’s Photography course welcomes any and all participants, with the only requirement being an affordable fee that will go directly to the aid of Ukraine. Pali has pledged 100 percent of the profits in her course to the cause she holds so dear to her heart.

With her iPhone Branding Photography Course, Oksana uses her impeccable knowledge and skills to teach others how to take photos on their iPhone like professionals. The everlasting knowledge and skillsets one can gain from her course hold undoubtable value that could easily outweigh the cost of hiring a professional photographer.

Through her new course, Pali exhibits the importance of quality personal branding and photos for each individual client, and how they can elevate their accomplishments with this mindset. In the case of Pali’s course, aspiring photographers or any person that seeks improvement for their personal brand can make an impact that not only benefits themselves, but the turbulent environment Ukraine is currently being subjected to.

Participants in the course are able to learn an abundance of information through videos of Oksana demonstrating everything from the use of props, posing, editing and more. The virtual course is broken up into six modules. Within each module, there are subdivisions in which users can find simple solutions and methods for getting the photos that illuminate their brilliance, and illustrate the allure that was once hidden behind a limited, uninformed vision.  

“There are so many things to appreciate about this course, I felt silly not knowing how easy it was to make a good photo a great photo by using just a few of Oksana’s tricks. Oksana explains everything in a way that is easy to grasp, and she has her own personable touch that makes you feel comfortable and understood when it comes to your photography goals.”- said Karolyn Fisher.

Many of the courses’ users rave about the undiscovered yet extremely simple tricks Oksana’s course has taught them. A sample of these hidden gems can be viewed on her social media profiles such as TikTok and Instagram. However, only those who take the course in full can garner the knowledge of Pali’s brilliance.

“I first discovered Oksana through a viral TikTok where she showed users a simple setting change to make on Instagram that could help them upload more high quality photos. Since then, I was intrigued by her reels and was drawn in to see what else she could teach me in efforts to grow my own brand photography. Her course exceeded my expectations. Knowing that the cost is going to benefit Ukraine only makes it all the better,” said Sabrina Rossi.  

Oksana’s vast skill and knowledge sets her course apart from your typical, as she consistently finds ways to appeal to her audience and teach them what she knows they should value through her own experience as an entrepreneur and photographer.

“When properly curating your own personal brand, you absolutely must put time into the photos that will represent you or your business. I have spent years adapting to a culture that was completely unfamiliar to me, yet I was able to find a niche when it came to helping myself and others bring out their own unique qualities through a photo lens. Bringing out that special quality we all have to offer through photography is a gift to cherish, and once you have uncovered it, you can see yourself in that new, accomplished light that opens doors to possibilities that weren’t visible before.”- said Pali.

While Oksana continues to do everything in her power to bring a positive impact to a hurting world, she is exercising all of her resources to save Ukraine from the heartbreaking oppression and violence it continues to suffer from. Those who take Oksana’s course can also take pride in knowing that when they start it, they are not only taking a step towards a better life for themselves, but a better life for those in peril in Ukraine

“Since we found out the home we once left needs us more than ever, Oksana has made it her life’s mission to help as many beautiful innocent souls affected by the invasion as possible. I have no doubt that she will move mountains to achieve the goals she set out for with the Oksana Pali Foundation, and the world will be a better place because of it.”- said Alyana Moalam

Though it’s not uncommon to hear about charitable organizations being unethical with the proceeds they receive, The Oksana Pali Foundation promises a genuine guarantee to exactly where all of its proceeds are going. With her photography course, Oksana Pali has pledged 100 percent of proceeds directly to the aid of Ukraine.

“Whenever tragedy hits any part of the world for whatever reason, people often come to aid especially with monetary donations. Unfortunately, in most cases, pennies on the dollar go to aid. With Oksana’s Nonprofit, I know first-hand that the funds are being used directly to support Ukraine soldiers, civilians, children, and those in need. As someone who has close personal ties and true passion for her cause, we can guarantee trust in Oksana.”-said Peggy Zebakolas.

To enroll in Oksana’s iPhone Branding Photography course, click here.

To learn more about the Oksana Pali Foundation and how you can help benefit Ukraine, click here.