Egyptian Property Magnate Ahmed Elbatrawy Launches The Middle East’s Largest Real-Estate Online Platform 

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The Middle East’s real estate industry has been the center of attention of many foreign and domestic investors. Billions of dollars have been invested in the region, making it one of the fastest-growing real estate markets to date. 

However, while the country’s real estate market is growing, it is also largely unregulated, with only a few rules and regulations to protect buyers, sellers, and renters. While this may benefit investors and developers, it may be detrimental to those looking to buy or rent property and businesses in the area. 

Revolutionizing the Middle Eastern real estate market

Ahmed Elbatrawy, an Egyptian real-estate magnate, plans to use his influence as a developer to institute regulations that would help to stabilize the region’s real estate markets. The overall goal is to help enhance economic growth and development in the region.

Elbatrawy aims to achieve this by launching the largest online platform for listings of apartments, villas, commercial properties and also businesses for sale this year through Multiple Listing Solutions (MLS) Arab MLS MATRIX with the help of his companies, E Systematic Egypt and DSP technology Dubai . This will be a critical tool for real estate professionals as it will simultaneously serve as a centralized system for property management and an online platform for property listings for sale. 

The MLS will serve as a one-stop shop for real estate Brokers and developers to find properties that meet their clients’ needs. It also makes buyers and sellers feel more comfortable, knowing they are getting the most accurate and up-to-date information in the market.

“We aim to assist investors from all over the world, as well as consumers who want to buy real estate, in increasing the brokerage return on investment by ten times, at least in Egypt and the Arab world, for easy,secure, safe and trusted transactions, as well as better communication with one another and the rest of the world,” shares Ahmed.

Multiple Listing Solutions is also an excellent research and analysis tool. By tracking sales data over time, agents and analysts can identify trends and patterns in sales that can be used to help clients make informed decisions about buying or selling a home by establishing a praise price for all the neighborhoods and giving accurate tax information. 

“MLS is a critical piece of the real estate puzzle. It is an essential tool for agents, and it provides a wealth of benefits for buyers and sellers,” adds elbatrawy .

Elbatrawy’s project has been ongoing for nearly a year, and he has secured 200 million EGP in funding for the project’s rollout in Egypt and an additional $100 million for the project’s rollout in the gulf region. 

Elbatrawy proudly shares, “I’m changing the whole Arab world’s real estate business industry with new digital state-of-the-art solutions in a way that will match the upcoming vision for all the Middle East governments to build great futures and strong economies like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Kuwait.”