Dr. Tyler Hales Gains Prominence with Innovative Dental Treatment Procedures

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Dental care today has gone beyond treating germs or extracting bad teeth. At present, primary importance is also stressed on ensuring the mouth’s general health and giving people better smiles. As a result, it has given cosmetic dental care a rise in popularity, and professionals like Dr. Tyler Hales have since had more opportunities to thrive and showcase their expertise as dentists.

Through his dental practice, Hales Parker Dentistry, which he co-founded with Dr. Lincoln Parker, Dr. Tyler Hales is providing people with a new approach to dental care. The “Smile Test Drive” is one of the leading services available at Hales Parker Dentistry and has given the practice significant attention all over South Orange County, California. This dental service allows patients to try out a new smile before undergoing any procedures.  

Smile Test Drive offers an interactive experience to patients interested in veneers. It is a test run that gives patients a vivid picture of any cosmetic procedure’s final results before undergoing it. “Patients interested in veneers get an opportunity to see what veneers would look like firsthand,” explains Dr. Tyler Hales. “I place a removable material on their teeth to improve their shape, color, size, and symmetry to show them what is possible with veneers. The ‘test drive’ reveal is almost as impressive as the real thing, and Mmy patients love seeing the potential of their smile in real-time.”

Hales Parker Dentistry has been in operation since 2013 and has solidified its presence as the best place to get comprehensive dental care and other cosmetic dental procedures such as smile makeovers and veneers. While the practice takes immense pride in the remarkable results it has achieved over the years, the innovative Smile Test Drive has been a game changer as many people find it more convenient because it lets them see the results of the procedures they have not even undergone. This way, patients are not at risk of disappointment as they already have an idea of what each procedure’s result will look like.

Dr. Tyler Hales also leveraged technology in serving his patients by implementing virtual consultations. Using the Smile Virtual application, patients can show the dentist what their smiles look like and describe what they want to achieve in detail. Dr. Tyler Hales then answers all their questions through a customized video to give the patients clarity and sufficient information about their concerns.

Thanks to his achievements at Hales and Parker Dentistry, Dr. Tyler Hales has grown into a well-respected dentist in Orange County, receiving numerous awards, recognitions and admiration from a wide range of organizations and individuals. Celebrities like Bravo TV stars Madison LeCroy of Southern Charm and Peggy Tanous of Real Housewives of OC have used his services for dental cosmetic work. He also builds rapport with his patients to enable him to achieve the best possible results that improve their appearance and boost their self-esteem. The opportunity to change people’s lives makes Dr. Tyler Hales proud of his work, and he hopes to continue to do that on a massive scale over the next few years.