DJ Mickey D is looking to create smiles for both inside and outside of the studio by launching “The Spice Foundation”.

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DJ Mickey D is the host of Music is the Spice, a show that celebrates creatives; offering a safe place to connect through the lens of music. The show has picked up buzz and attention through high-profile guests such as Whoppi Goldberg amongst many others. Mickey’s motivations behind the show itself are noteworthy but this most recent announcement provides another layer to his already inspiring genesis story.

Mickey was born with a cleft palate, something he says he used to be quite insecure about especially as someone in the entertainment industry and now a show host. Mickey says, “I think of spice as an acronym and throwback to my years as a DJ. For me, it stands for, slows down, prays for inner peace, considers my truth, and evolve. As a performing DJ, I was nervous about my cleft palette and would slow things down and pray to be able to connect to people the way I
wanted to”.

His words are a testament to some of the inner linings and ethos of the show allowing creatives in the community to tell their stories and connect through music. In a recent interview with Ginger Zee on The Spice, goes into detail about her struggle & journey with mental health and how her adventurous spirit guided her out of a dark place. The show is providing a much needed space for creatives to share sentiments and stories just like Gingers’ but Mickey wanted to go beyond what can be accomplished in the studio.

Mickey will be launching The Spice Foundation, a nonprofit that will strive to create smiles and thereafter change the lives of many across the world. Through supporting non-profits such as Operation Smile who are dedicated to providing care for cleft palates on a global scale. Mickey looks to showcase the impact of The Spice organization as a whole creating smiles outside of the studio and beyond any borders.

Prior episodes of the show can be found online at as well as registration for all upcoming shows streaming from Club Curious in Brooklyn. To donate to The Spice

Foundation please visit {X}.