Paul Rudd becomes a real-life hero for a bullied schoolboy

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Image Source: Fox News

Thanks to his wonderful deed, Paul Rudd has reached out to a 12-year-old Colorado schoolboy who had been bullied at school, and through this gesture, many children’s wishes have come true.

Brody Ridder, 12, had an almost empty yearbook when he got home from school. Despite requesting for more, he had only been able to get the autographs of two teachers and two students.

Ridder made the decision to sign his own yearbook and include a message for himself. He wrote, “Hope you make some more friends.”

Cassandra Ridder, Ridder’s mother, told NPR on Friday that she had reached her breaking point. Her son had been bullied at school in a Denver suburb for months, and this was reflected in his message to himself.

She was motivated to post a message to the school’s parent Facebook page by Brody’s hurt and suffering.

Cassandra posted on her personal Facebook in May after disseminating the article to the school community because she wanted to inform her friends of the developments. At that point, the outpouring of support for Brody began; both online and in person, celebrities, businesses, parents, and children expressed their support.

Paul Rudd, who performs the role of Ant-Man in the blockbuster movies Ant-Man and Avengers: Endgame, was one of those who saw Cassandra’s message. Last month, Rudd FaceTimed Ridder and sent him a letter by hand:

It’s important to remember that even when life gets tough that things get better. There are so many people that love you and think you are the coolest kid there is — me being one of them!” The letter reads

Even the actor’s personally autographed Ant-Man helmet was given to Brody.

Brody is dealing with the abundance of assistance her family has gotten over the past three months. The letters that have been sent to him are still being read by them. For her son, this support meant the world.

To continue promoting the message of kindness and empathy, she is currently in discussions with NGOs that focus on anti-bullying projects.

After Brody’s mother posted on Facebook, older students visited his class and autographed his yearbook when he got back to school. According to Cassandra, her kid appreciated the help and has been very appreciative.