Mother and Daughter Nurse Duo Provides the Glam for Frontliners as They Work to Save Lives

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Being on the front lines as COVID-19 put the whole world at a standstill back in 2020 was such a frightening experience for many, if not all, medical practitioners and first responders across the globe. The world has seen too many frontliners in the medical field succumb to the deadly virus as they worked selflessly and tirelessly to help patients who contracted COVID-19. Mother and daughter nurses Katrice Thompson and KaShirah Thompson-Monroe, were actively helping patients when Katrice came up with the idea to introduce sophisticated-looking and comfortable scrub wear to add glam to the day-to-day routine of frontliners. 

Katrice was in a very low place when she had the revelation to create Glam Scrubwear with her daughter. After working so hard as a nurse at the height of the pandemic, she herself got exhausted and prayed for a new revelation that would inspire her once again. Through a dream, she received confirmation that this start-up is the new meaning and purpose that Katrice was searching for. 

“I got up the next morning and called my daughter Kash and told her about the vision God had shown me. She was so excited, and there was no question that we would do this together. The rest was history,” Katrice explained. 

Immediately after talking to her daughter KaShirah, they connected with Dr. Velam Trayham, the mentor and brains behind The Millionaire Mastermind Academy. From the academy, the mother-and-daughter tandem gained the right tools they needed to jump-start their dream business, operate it, and expand it eventually. Dr. Trayham is an award-winning marketing and business consultant who has successfully helped her clients build multiple companies.

Just recently, Glam Scrubwear introduced one of its newest collections, the Heavenly Collection, which highlights encouraging quotes and Bible verses that promote hope, healing, and faith. Right from the beginning, one of the company’s intentions was to introduce innovation and fashionable breakthroughs to the healthcare world by simply being fashionable, meaningful, trendy, and stylish. 

Apart from the Heavenly Collection, Glam Scrubwear also offers the ”Get Glam” collection, “Signature” Collection, and “Let’s Travel” Collection. 

As serious entrepreneurs, Katrice and KaShirah are committed to coming up with revolutionary concepts that would make the wearer extremely proud to wear Glam Scrubwear. At the end of the day, the mother-and-daughter power duo ultimately wants to see medical frontlines look stunning and glamorous despite their very toxic work environment most of the time. 

“We just want you to know that if God places a dream in your heart, He will provide you with all the resources you need. You have to have faith. You have to believe. You have to put in the work. As long as you stay consistent and keep going – you will manifest everything that your heart is set on. Never give up. Never stop fighting, and always. And I do mean always keep God first in all that you do, and I assure you that you’ll never be last,” Katrice shared.Glam Scrubwear is not just designed for women frontliners alone. Its products are still applicable to women in the beauty and child-care industries. Armed with their aspirations and new dreams, Katrice and KaShirah are determined to take their little company to the next level.