Brittany Whitaker Defies the Odds and Succeeds in Amazon FBA While Raising Her Children

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Many mothers today are torn between leaving their children in the care of other people to pursue a career and staying with their children to take care of them full-time. Most parents trying to make ends meet are often placed in a position where they just choose to leave their children in daycare, but not Brittany Whitaker. While searching for a way to augment the family income, she was also not ready to leave her children in others’ care. She discovered Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and eventually perfected the formula that brought her remarkable success. 

“I didn’t want my kids to go to daycare for me to get a job. I wasn’t motivated to buy a Lambo. I just wanted to be able to replace my husband’s income if something happened to him, pick up my kids from school and make money on my own terms,” Brittany shared. “After years of perfecting my own method of finding products with high demand and low competition along with representing brands on Amazon. I made a pivot to help other women who want to be able to make money on their own terms.”

Amazon FBA is an exciting solution that allows an online seller to utilize Amazon’s multiple warehouses to store and ship products the seller sells through the Amazon website. While Brittany initially did not know what she was getting into, she persevered in learning the ropes. She did not know wholesale versus the private label and had no idea what book flipping was. She invested heavily in a course that would help her understand Amazon FBA better, but it did not guarantee her success immediately. She still found herself making a lot of mistakes before she managed to come up with her own formula. 

“The course I took left me guessing, and I eventually figured it out for myself. The experience made me want to share my step-by-step process with others, so they can avoid the trial-and-error path I had to take,” she explained.

Inspired by the idea of helping others navigate their way through Amazon FBA smoothly so they can experience financial freedom, Brittany developed The Secret Millionaires Academy. Through it, she teaches them a no-nonsense way to develop a business in private, one that is highly profitable without having to join a networking business. Brittany’s The Secret Millionaires Academy is the ultimate how-to course for women who want nothing to do with typical work-from-home options and shady schemes. 

The course, and depending on the amount of work they put in, will prepare women to scale their Amazon FBA from $3,000 to $10,000 per month. They own their own time and need not be pressured by an eight to five schedule. Brittany is attracted to the anonymity that comes with doing Amazon selling. She believes it is a highly lucrative way to earn money online without announcing it to the whole world. For many full-time mothers out there, this feature is something they also find very welcoming. 

Brittany’s Amazon FBA business is currently generating impressive revenues for her and her family in ways she never thought achievable. What she initially thought would simply augment the family’s income became a source of financial security that gave her wealth and a secure future. Brittany Whitaker hopes that by sharing her inspiring story, other mothers will realize the potential her course offers to change their lives for the better and good.