Wet For Her Leads Lesbian Adult Toy Industry With Non-Realistic Designs

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Wet For Her is leading the adult toy industry, specifically among lesbians. The company designs and manufactures its own adult toys, striving to make them as pleasurable and LGBTQ+ inclusive as possible. As a lesbian herself, founder and CEO Alice Derock, found a gap in the market and realized that there was no specific niche catering to the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. Since then, she has led an amazing team of creatives to produce specialized sex toys for lesbians, lesbian couples, trans, and the queer community. 

“Wet For Her is a women-owned company, and we pride ourselves on knowing and understanding the needs of lesbians and trans community members. Our team is an all-lesbian and trans team,” shared Alice Derock. Being the one who primarily designs the company’s line of adult toys, the owner prides herself on addressing every small detail, ensuring that all the sex toys are functioning, pleasuring, and aesthetically pleasing for their target market. 

Established over 12 years ago, Wet For Her faced the hot seat among the community while, simultaneously, it paved the way for a need to be addressed in the LGBTQ+ community. With personal wellness being talked about by many nowadays, more brands strive to be as inclusive as possible, including people of different sexual orientations in their narratives. Wet For Her is pioneering the industry and has never failed to deliver the best products for its market.

In addition, the company goes above and beyond mass-produced sex toys and instead chooses to manufacture its own products from start to finish, veering away from the seedy look of standard adult toys and bringing the community modern gadgets to enjoy.

“Being a women-owned lesbian company, we understand the needs of our community,” said Alice Derock. “We make our own products from start to finish. We have an in-house design by lesbians and our own trademarked production, which we only sell on our website. We don’t just resell something that everyone else can sell. We have identified what the LGBTQ+ community wants and have designed it accordingly to give maximum pleasure. In a heterosexual world, it is often thought that we, the LGBTQ+ community, are missing something whilst lovemaking, which isn’t the case. We just wanted a way to enhance the pleasure lesbian and LGBTQ+ couples can have without feeling that they are missing something that a straight couple already has. Lovemaking is a simultaneous pleasure act which is how we designed our toys for our community,” the owner added.

Wet For Her uses bright colors for its products and includes unconventional shapes instead of realistic-based toys to induce better LBTQ+ pleasure. The founder shared how she would previously struggle to find toys designed to make the pleasure a shared and more intimate experience. She also said usual sex toys often fail to focus on the actual art of lovemaking, especially among women. Previously in a management role, Alice decided to address the problem she saw herself and designed non-realistic toys for couples experiencing the same difficulties. 

“Personal wellness includes sexual wellness,” Alice Derock said. “As the LGBTQ+ community, we don’t have to settle for toys made by people who don’t understand our lovemaking. We can have pleasure together at the same time as a lesbian, trans, or queer couple.”